Your dental implant journey with Polwarth Dental Clinic

Getting dental implants in Edinburgh with Polwarth Dental Clinic can change your life. Restoring your teeth means giving you back functionality that is fundamental to the enjoyment of life, such as eating, socialising and speaking. If you have been living with missing teeth for a while, you know about the difficulties inherent in having gaps in your smile. We want to help you fix your dental issues so you can get on with any activity you feel like doing.

What happens first when you get dental implants in Edinburgh?

Dental Implants JourneyOur consultation service is the first step to getting dental implants in Edinburgh with us. This is where we take a look at your teeth and any gaps. Placing dental implants where they can support the machinations of chewing and other activities is a precise art. You want your implants to be positioned where the jawbone is thickest, if possible.

If all of your other teeth are healthy, they can stay put. Having dental implants should not affect them. However, if your teeth are deteriorating and it looks like they will not last much longer, one of our team will talk to you about the possibility of extraction. If you decide to go ahead and have these teeth removed, it means you will not have to go through the dental implant procedure again at a later date. You may also need extraction work if the remains of old teeth are still present.

The consultation also involves a series of questions to determine your suitability for dental implants and check if there are any risk factors for failure. It is important that you give full and frank answers to these questions as, if there are risk factors, your dentist may be able to do things to mitigate them. There are some medical conditions that affect the body’s ability to accept implants and lifestyle factors, like smoking, which also have an impact.

Once the consultation is complete, your dentist will use all the information they have gathered to build a complete, personalised treatment plan for you. This will give you expected appointment times, treatment information, a breakdown of costs and advice about any required preparatory work. You can ask any questions you have at this point, before agreeing to go ahead.