Our advice on how to keep calm during a dental emergency from our emergency dentist in Edinburgh

Patients experiencing a dental emergency may struggle on keeping calm, however we always aim to give our dental health advice whenever it may be required. Our emergency dentist offers patients who are not registered with us the opportunity to book a same day emergency dental appointment at our clinic. Our twenty-four hour emergency helpline is always ready to ease our patients’ worries. Patients who are not registered with us may not be able to access our ‘on-call’ emergency dentist, however we are always happy to give advice over the telephone whenever possible.


What to expect from an emergency dental appointment at your emergency dentist in Edinburgh

At our clinic, we aim to always offer our registered (and non-registered patients) a same day dental appointment. If you are a nervous patient, which may be due to a negative childhood experience leading to a dental phobia you may wish to know what to expect from your first emergency dental appointment at our emergency dentist in Edinburgh.

The process

Initially, your dentist will wish to relieve the pain of the dental concern, which then therefore may lead to the prescription of antibiotics, or pain relief. A temporary dressing or short-term solution may also be adhered to your tooth. One of the main purposes of an emergency dental appointment is to reduce the development of further dental concerns, however a reduction in dental pain may be considered as the main priority.

Do you offer alternative forms of dentistry at your Polwarth dental clinic?

Yes! Although Polwarth Dental Clinic is an emergency dentist, we do offer alternative forms of dentistry such as cosmetic, and restorative dentistry.

Do you offer multiple forms of cosmetic dentistry?

At our clinic in Edinburgh our team has many years of combined cosmetic dental experience. Our dental clinic boasts a wide range of cosmetic options such as tooth whitening, veneers, dental implants, and discreet orthodontic options such as Smilelign.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is essentially a form of dentistry that aims to improve the aesthetic appearance of a patient’s smile. The cosmetic dentistry we offer can range from one single veneer, or a whole mouth ‘smile makeover’. Our multiple forms of cosmetic dentistry aim to increase our patients’ self-confidence, another way we can do this is by replacing missing teeth using dental implants.

What are dental implants, and why may they be a suitable option for me?

Dental implants are essentially small titanium screws that are inserted into the jawbone, as an artificial tooth root, to which is then attached a crown, a bridge or dentures. Dental implants function and appear like natural teeth, and can last an extremely long time. Dental implants may be suitable if you have lost one, or even several teeth within the mouth, or if you wish for denture stabilisation.

A dental service you can trust

Located on our website we have several dental implant case studies available to ensure our potential patients can view the results they wish to achieve. We believe that our patient testimonials exemplify our welcoming approach to patients, our dental care, and our high level of professionalism.

Why might I choose to visit your emergency dentist In Edinburgh?

Individuals may choose to see an emergency dentist for a wide array of reasons, but they may not be sure which dental practice best suits them, and their particular dental case. Our dental clinic understands that a dental emergency needs an immediate appointment, which is why we offer our patients same-day dental appointments. If you are a patient who is experiencing dental pain, or you need an immediate cosmetic repair, then you can call us to book in an emergency appointment, our number is located on our site.


Our promise at our emergency dentist In Edinburgh

At our clinic in Edinburgh, we are committed to offering our patients a caring and professional dental care service, we always ensure our patients go home pain free, and attempt to address all of their dental emergency needs within just one appointment, although  more complex dental cases may require more appointments

Do I have to be a registered patient to visit your emergency dentist In Edinburgh?

No! At our clinic we welcome all individuals when they are visiting us, whether a non-registered patient, or a patient who has been with us for several years. Here at Polwarth Dental Clinic we understand that you may not be able to wait long for your emergency appointment, which is why we always endeavour to see all of our patients on the same day that their concern is registered.

Out of hours emergencies

If you are a registered patient with us and are having a dental emergency outside of our working hours, our telephone number answer phone service is available 365 days a year, we also have an on call dentist who can attend to any of your queries, or concerns. We do have a call out fee, however, if you are a member of our dental plan service you may even be able to claim this cost back.

Our advice from Polwarth Dental Clinic

If you are not registered with us, and are looking for medical attention we suggest you  call us and we can provide you with calm, and professional medical advice. It is recommended to stay calm during any medical emergency, our landline is always open,and we are therefore always prepared to give dental advice to any of our patients, or non-registered individuals.

An example of a dental emergency

A knocked out tooth is just one common example of a dental emergency that may arise during everyday life. To reduce further damage, we always try to advise our patients to hold the tooth by the crown, rather than the root. The key to being able to reinsert the tooth is to keep it from drying out, after carefully cleaning it with saliva try to replace it in your mouth. If reinsertion by yourself is not possible keep it in milk or saliva, as this is preferable to water or anything else to preserve it until you can get to us. The tooth may be fragile so always hold it by the crown. If you wish to place it back into the gap, we advise a clean material to be used to hold it in place (such as a handkerchief) until further medical attention is given. It is always preferable to get it checked out afterwards anyway by our dentist. A knocked out tooth is extremely common among younger children, however, do not try to replace any teeth in a child yourself, always get advice from a dentist.

Worried about a strange swelling? Visit our emergency dentist at Polwarth Dental Clinic

It is an unfortunate fact of life that emergencies are common.

Indeed, many people will require some kind of emergency consultation at least once a year and therefore, many members of the public are aware of the difference between needing to see a GP or requiring a trip to a more urgent medical professional.

edinburgh-emergency-dentistHowever, when we talk about dental emergencies, many people are only aware of one of the scenarios that need an urgent dental visit; dental pain!

Of course, discomfort is by far one of the most common reasons we see emergency appointments at Polwarth Dental Clinic, but are there any other situations that warrant a trip to our emergency dentist in Edinburgh?

Here, we have listed the most commonly experienced scenarios by our emergency dentist in Edinburgh, so you know when that toothache needs a more urgent dental appointment.

Pulsating discomfort

Of course, as previously mentioned, unrelenting discomfort is one of the key reasons patients visit our emergency dentist in Edinburgh.

Though difficult to quantify due to individual pain thresholds, dental pain that requires urgent attention is usually unrelenting, feeling either like a burning or pulsing sensation and distracts you from your daily routine. If you are experiencing this and finding it hard to sleep, you need to see us as soon as possible.

Lost filling

Though our team at Polwarth Dental Clinic always aim to make fillings permanent, sometimes they fall out or crack.

If you notice you have a loose, cracked or missing filling, it is important that you see us as soon as possible. Lost, loose or cracked fillings do not always cause discomfort, but often expose the pulp of the tooth to the air and bacteria, which if left unchecked, can lead to a very uncomfortable abscess, best not risk it!

Cracked and chipped teeth

Cracking teeth or chipping them is a common part of life for many people, especially those working in construction or sports.

Even if a cracked or chipped tooth is not causing you any discomfort, you need to have it examined by our emergency team at Polwarth Dental Clinic. This enables them to repair any microscopic cracks, restore the tooth and check for signs of pulp inflammation, all of which can lead to further complications if not treated quickly.

Damaged brace

Patients who wear any kind of fitted orthodontic appliance are not free from experiencing dental emergencies.

Like fillings, braces are designed to be durable but can become damaged and broken, usually through blunt force trauma. If you notice that your braces wire has snapped, you have a loose bracket or your brace is causing you sudden discomfort, please contact our emergency team immediately.

Unusual lumps and bumps

One thing that sets alarm bells ringing is an abnormal lump.

Though usually benign, if you notice one in your mouth, it is wise to contact our emergency team for a same day appointment. If the lump may be something concerning, like oral cancer, you will require an urgent referral for cancer treatments.

Trying to treat a dental emergency at home? Reasons you need to see our emergency dentist at Polwarth Dental Clinic

We have all heard the old wives’ tales about sudden and intense dental pain; put a clove of garlic in your mouth to reduce swelling, put some clove oil on some cotton wool to relieve pain.

dental-emergency-edinburghWhile these are somewhat interesting ways to relieve dental discomfort, they are not an alternative for real dental treatment. If you are experiencing extreme pain, there are many reasons to book an appointment with our emergency dentist in Edinburgh as opposed to trying home remedies.

At Polwarth Dental Clinic, we take dental emergencies very seriously as they often cause our patients excessive pain and are disruptive. Our emergency dentists in Edinburgh are dedicated to relieving your discomfort and aim to help you get your life back on track quickly after a potentially uncomfortable dental emergency.

So, what are the advantages of seeing our emergency dentist in Edinburgh? Read on to find out!

Accurate diagnostics

Unless you are trained in dentistry, you may have no idea what is happening to cause the discomfort you are feeling.

While you may be able to make a guess, it is always best to check with a trained, medical professional. Our emergency dental team will assess your situation and diagnose the underlying issue.

Getting the correct diagnostic equates to appropriate treatment, so you have nothing to lose!

Better pain management

If you have ever had a dental abscess, a lost filling or lost crown, you may remember how uncomfortable it was for you.

Being in that uncomfortable situation again may alone prompt you to book that emergency dental appointment, but if you are reluctant to do so, remember that our team of dentists have the exact medication you require to stop the discomfort you are experiencing quickly. So once again, it is a win-win situation.

Permanent treatment

Our emergency dental team will stop any pain you are experiencing and, depending on the nature of your dental emergency, may refer you for a follow up with one of our regular dental team.

Our team will be able to provide you with a permanent solution to your problem, to prevent reoccurrence; this may involve fitting a new filling, fitting a new crown or performing a root canal.

At home kits

When you are in pain, your first port of call is a pharmacy.

Many pharmacies offer at home filling kits, so patients who are in discomfort can get temporary relief.

Do not be tempted to buy one of these kits as a permanent solution to treat your dental pain; while they may ease the discomfort, they are not an alternative for a proper check-up with one of the professionals at our dental surgery.

If you are desperate enough to purchase one of these kits, you could really benefit from visiting a member of our emergency dental team at Polwarth Dental Clinic; our major aim is to get you out of pain!

Want to treat that toothache at home? Solutions that a trip to our emergency dentist can offer you

From reading tea leaves to telling you what sex your baby will be from the position of the bump, old wives’ tales are a part of many societies’ cultures and can offer an interesting fillip to life.

While remedies passed down from previous generations can help alleviate milder ailments, like rashes, when it comes to dentistry and emergency scenarios, you really want to separate the myth from the fact surrounding these home remedies.

emergency-dentist-edinburghAt Polwarth Dental Clinic, we are professionally trained in how to manage urgent dental scenarios and are proud to offer emergency patients same-day appointments. Our emergency dentist in Edinburgh will take care to be as gentle as possible with you, will not be judgemental and will get rid of that troublesome toothache in no time!

If you are a particularly nervous patient, the thought of visiting a dentist is intimidating enough, let alone visiting our emergency dentist in Edinburgh when you are in intense discomfort. In this article, we will explore the popular home remedies that may be tempting to our more nervous patients in an emergency and discuss how a visit to our emergency dentist in Edinburgh would be more beneficial for your health.

Saltwater rinse

The logic behind this old wives’ tale is fairly straightforward; a gargle or swishing rinse will clear any debris from around a swollen and sore tooth, reduce swelling and, as salt has some antibacterial properties, it should also remove bacteria from the area and draw out any harmful fluids (pus).

Unfortunately, saltwater is not an alternative for emergency dental care. If you notice a painful swelling located underneath a tooth, it is vital that you contact our emergency dental team as soon as possible, as you could have a dental abscess or an unerupted tooth. Gargling salt water may help short term, but it should not be used as an alternative to modern medicine in this instance.

Clove oil

Clove oil is an interesting substance.

The primary compound in clove oil is eugenol, which is a natural anaesthetic and painkiller; when dabbed onto cotton wool and placed over an oral swelling, it numbs the nerves and stops the discomfort.

However, at Polwarth Dental Clinic, we have seen many patients who have overused clove oil; waiting for the swelling to disappear altogether, while numbing the area constantly with oil.

If you have an abscess that has not been assessed by a dentist, even if it disappears on its own, it will usually come back in the same spot.

Use clove oil short term and make an emergency appointment to see us.

Filling kits

Available at most pharmacies, temporary repair kits are great for lost fillings and crowns.

When you lose a filling, even with a temporary one in place, it is highly probable that the pulp of the tooth has come into contact with bacteria present in your mouth. You will need to see a member of our emergency team to clean the tooth and restore the filling or the crown.

Got an appointment to see our emergency dentist at Polwarth Dental Clinic? 5 things you can expect from our emergency dental team

While it is in many people’s nature to try and avoid a dental check-up, when the discomfort caused by a dental issue is interfering with your day, it is time to book an appointment with our emergency dentist in Edinburgh.

emergency-dental-appointmentExperiencing dental discomfort is never fun and our emergency dentist in Edinburgh will always ensure that you leave our surgery feeling better than when you walked in. At Polwarth Dental Clinic, we take dental emergencies seriously and will always provide the most sensitive techniques to those suffering from dental pain.

So, what can you expect when you book an appointment to see our emergency dentist in Edinburgh?

Same day appointments

There is nothing worse than being in extreme discomfort and having to wait for an appointment a few days later.

At Polwarth Dental Clinic, our team will always aim to see emergencies on the same day or the next day at the latest. We set aside appointment slots everyday to ensure patients who are in extreme discomfort are seen the same day.

Careful examination

When you come to our surgery, our dentists will perform an extremely careful and delicate examination of the area causing discomfort and will perform diagnostics to treat the underlying cause.

If you are unable to open your mouth very wide, we will provide you with a numbing agent to help stop the discomfort and to help you through the rest of the appointment in comfort.

Treatment options

Our aim at an emergency appointment is to get you out of pain quickly.

If you have an abscess, our dentists may decide to try and drain it, to relieve the pressure that may be causing swelling or contributing to your discomfort. An abscess requires extensive treatment, so our team will usually stop the pain and schedule you in for a check-up with one of our dentists in a few days time, to continue the treatments.

Alternatively, our team may be able to treat your emergency then and there, if it is something such as a chipped tooth or to stop excess blood loss.


Again, depending on the nature of your dental emergency, you may be sent home with some medication and aftercare instructions.

Continuing with the hypothetical abscess situation, our team will usually send you home with a prescription for antibiotics, painkillers and instructions on how often you will need to wash your mouth out with an anti-inflammatory mouthwash.

The antibiotics will treat the infection in the pulp, but you will still require a follow up appointment to prevent the issue reoccurring.

Follow up appointment

Most dental emergencies require a follow up and at Polwarth Dental Clinic, our emergency team will usually want any emergency patients to see our general dentists for a follow up.

This is to check that the issue is resolved or, in instances like an abscess, assess what can be done long-term to prevent reoccurrence. Never put your dental health at risk when it is so easy to have problems resolved.

Worried about sudden, relentless dental pain?

There are many reasons to visit our emergency dentist at Polwarth Dental Clinic. Nobody likes an emergency, especially one that involves dental pain!

When you notice that the ache under your tooth is getting worse and preventing you from eating, it is time to book an appointment to see our emergency dentist in Edinburgh.

relentless-dental-painAt Polwarth Dental Clinic, we are proud to have our onsite emergency dentist in Edinburgh, alongside a service of offering same day appointments for those who are in excessive discomfort. Our team will always endeavour to make sure you leave our clinic pain free and are confident that no patient has ever left our surgery until their emergency is resolved.

But what dental conditions require a trip to our emergency dentist in Edinburgh?

Excessive pain

You know your pain threshold better than anyone, so if throughout your day you notice pain increasing around one of your teeth, which is preventing you from eating or sleeping and is not allowing you to concentrate, you need to book an appointment to see us.

When our emergency dental team handle cases of extreme pain, it is usually the result of an abscess; an infection which requires a course of antibiotics and often a root canal to treat.

Lost or chipped tooth

No one is immune to falling over, so if you have taken a heavy fall and notice a chip in one of your teeth, you need to see our emergency dental team as soon as possible.

Even if you are in no discomfort, a lost or chipped tooth can allow bacteria access to the pulp of the tooth, which can cause an abscess. If you have your missing tooth or any fragments that have chipped off, store them in milk until your appointment.

Missing filling or crown

Another example of an issue that may not cause discomfort but can quickly become more serious; missing fillings and crowns leave the pulp of the tooth exposed, which can be very painful and lead to infections.

If you are missing a filling or a crown, contact our team at Polwarth Dental Clinic immediately.

Consistent bleeding

A steady flow of blood from the mouth that has lasted for over 20 minutes, regardless of the heaviness of the flow, requires a trip to our clinic. Our dental team can identify the source of the bleeding and stop it, ensuring you lose no more blood.

If you are in discomfort from your bleed, do not take aspirin; this thins the blood and can make your bleed last longer and be harder for our team to stop.

Swollen face

Waking up with a swollen face is unusual for most people, but is often an indicator of a dental issue, such as an abscess or an impacted wisdom tooth.

Regardless, even if you are in no discomfort, a member of our emergency dental team will be able to pinpoint the source and treat it to prevent further swelling from occurring.

What does an emergency Dentist do?

Emergency dentistry is there for when patients find themselves needing dental treatment as soon as possible. This can either be for dental pain, such as an extreme toothache, or perhaps damage to the tooth, such as a sporting injury. It can also be the failure of treatment, such as a crown falling out or breaking.

Emergency Dentist in EdinburghAt Polwarth Dental Clinic, it is our responsibility to make sure that you receive the best treatment possible, and if you find yourself in a difficult or painful situation with your teeth, then you have a number to contact. If you are looking for an emergency dentist in Edinburgh, then we have the facilities available for this, and will be a reliable source for immediate dental treatment.

Breaking a tooth

Breaking a tooth can be a traumatic situation and can be extremely painful. This can often occur from sporting injuries but can also happen in day to day life. Breaking a tooth can also be extremely dangerous for your oral  health, as it breaches the enamel, making your teeth extremely vulnerable to infection and decay. Therefore, if you have broken a tooth, it is important that you find an emergency dentist in Edinburgh as soon as possible, as the longer the tooth is exposed, the more at risk it will be.

Teeth can also be cracked or chipped in small ways, which may not need emergency dentistry. However, this is still an important issue to address, so if you have any damage to your teeth at all, then it is important to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Dental Avulsion

A dental avulsion is the proper term for a knocked-out tooth. In this case, the tooth has not been damaged, but due to a strong enough blow to the tooth, it has been torn from the gums. This is because the periodontal ligament has snapped from the root, pulling the entire tooth out. This can be an extremely stressful situation, and often people may need further treatment if the injury was bad. If you have knocked out a tooth, and require an emergency dentist in Edinburgh, then we have the facilities that are needed, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I put a knocked-out tooth back in?

Yes, and no. This is a question that is often pondered, and both encouraged and discouraged by different dentists. Once a tooth has been knocked out, the root cells are exposed. Root cells are extremely delicate, so that even by touching them they can be destroyed and putting the tooth into water will cause the cells to burst. Therefore, it is only recommended to attempt to reinsert the tooth if correct storage options are not available to take the tooth to the dentist, and if you feel confident enough to risk the reinsertion. Often if the gums are bleeding, this can make reinsertion difficult, as it can be difficult to see exactly where the socket is, which means that reinserting the tooth can be the thing to crush the root cells.

Worried about an emergency dentist trip? What to expect when you visit our emergency team

Whether it’s at 2am or 2pm, nobody really wants to contact an emergency dental service.

Dental emergencies can happen to anybody and, given the frequency of their occurrence, it is important to know where your closest emergency dental surgery is.

emergency-dentistIf you have a dental phobia, requiring urgent dental treatment can feel like something out of a nightmare but don’t worry! At Polwarth Dental Clinic, our emergency dentist in Edinburgh will offer you swift treatment, a caring environment and will not be judgmental of you; our job is to get you out of discomfort. The only thing you have to lose is the pain!

So, what can you expect when you visit our emergency dentist in Edinburgh?

Thorough examination

Regardless of the time of day, when you come to our emergency dentist in Edinburgh, the first thing they will do is assess the area.

Similar to a dental check-up, they will explore your mouth gently, to see if the emergency scenario is due to deferred pain, an injury or an unusual growth. Our emergency team is well trained in checking a more sensitive mouth and will be as gentle as possible.


Of course, our dentists have a wide range of numbing agents and injectable painkillers on hand if you find moving or opening your mouth difficult during the appointment.

If you find the idea of having an injection in an already sore area difficult, our team will accommodate this worry and apply a numbing gel beforehand, as we want to get you out of pain!

Our team may send you away with prescription strength painkillers, to manage any discomfort you may experience until the dental issue subsides completely.


The root cause of the emergency has to be determined and depending on the condition of your teeth, your mouth and the pain you are describing, this may be either simple or more complex.

Our team will work quickly to accurately diagnose the emergency issue as fast as possible, ensuring that you receive the correct treatment during the emergency appointment and at any potential follow up appointments.

Our emergency team is experienced in diagnosing the most commonly seen, as well as some of the rarer, dental emergencies – so as odd as your scenario may seem to you, we have probably seen it before!


It is important to note that while our emergency team can diagnose the underlying issue, they may not be able to treat it fully during the emergency appointment.

While we can replace fillings and prescribe antibiotics, more complex emergencies will have to be treated by your routine dentist; our primary job is to alleviate your discomfort.

Follow up plan

If you have a more complicated dental emergency, like an abscess, our team will book you in for a follow up appointment with your regular dentist or endodontist for a root canal.

Follow up appointments also ensure that the emergency issue is alleviated and requires no further treatment, so please stick to the follow up plan.

Why choose Polwarth Dental Clinic as your emergency dentist?

Polwarth Dental Clinic is an emergency dentist in Edinburgh and has a fantastic range of facilities in order to help you in a crisis. You may need to call an emergency dentist in Edinburgh for many reasons, such as broken or knocked-out teeth, or even simply an onset of pain in your mouth. If anything worrisome comes up then do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be able to book you in straight away. We aim to solve, or at least relieve the pain, of any issue that is called in on the same day.

emergency-dental-clinicKnocked out teeth

Knocked out teeth can be a troublesome issue and can leave an unsightly gap if the tooth is not restored. Therefore, losing a tooth can be extremely traumatic, so we recommend that you contact your emergency dentist in Edinburgh as soon as possible if you have knocked out a tooth, as the detached tooth can only be reattached in a short time frame after it has been dislodged. It is time-sensitive, as the root cells are extremely delicate, and even touching, or picking the tooth up by the root very gently, can be enough to crush the root cells for good. Therefore, you should always pick the tooth up by the crown, making sure to not touch the roots in any way.

If you are going to attempt a reinsertion, then make sure that the socket is clean and clear, and there is no dirt or grit on the tooth. If the tooth has been lost due to a sporting injury, then it is likely that the tooth will fall into dirt. To clean the tooth, use saliva, or even blow on it gently. Any grit or dirt remaining can rupture the root cells when the tooth is reinserted, or prevent the tooth from bonding with the periodontal ligament, as it will block the cells.

If you decide to transport the tooth, then it is important to know how. Storing the tooth in water will cause the cells to burst almost instantly, due to the differentiating osmolality levels. A saline solution is ideal in this case, and many sporting grounds will have a saline solution container for this very purpose. However, if you do not have access to a saline solution, then milk provides as a good alternative. It is important to remember that the breakdown of the root cells is not stopped in this case, only slowed, so it is important to see a dentist as soon as possible.

In either case, it is important to contact your dentist straight away and let them know of your situation. Even if you think a reinsertion has been carried out successfully, it is crucial that you see a professional, who will be able to check, and ensure that there is no further damage or infection. Often with an avulsed tooth, the focus can be on the gap, and can shadow further damage to other teeth that you may not have noticed. If you are looking for an emergency dentist in Edinburgh, then it is important to know of Polwarth Dental Clinic, and our excellent team and facilities.