You don’t have to wobble your way through your later years

It’s no fun as you start getting older and discover that bits of you no longer work as well as they did. It’s even worse when they don’t work at all because they’ve either fallen out or been removed. Bits of you, like your teeth. When they go, you face being consigned to a life of wobbly dentures, soft food and a face that looks old before its time.

But in Edinburgh, dental implants are a better option than dentures and bridges for people who have lost one or more teeth; maybe even all of them.

Dental Implants in EdinburghIn Edinburgh, dental implants differ from dentures and bridges in that they are permanently fixed into the jaw bone. Getting implants requires a surgical operation, performed here at Polwarth Dental Clinic by dental surgeon Dr Willie Jack. Willie will firstly sculpt a new socket in your jawbone, and then insert a tiny titanium post (the dental implant) into it. You then go away for a few weeks while the bone and gum heal around the dental implant. During this important stage, new bone tissue and blood vessels mesh with the screw, anchoring it firmly into your jaw.

Once this vital part of the process is complete, Willie can screw a new tooth, bridge, or even a whole new set of teeth, onto the dental implants. He will have ordered new, artificial teeth made to blend in with each patient’s particular tooth colour and shape.

Dental implants have several benefits, which means that more and more people are asking us for them before dentures or bridges.

Health-wise, because dental implants encourage bone and gum growth, you can maintain or even regain a firm look around the jaw and mouth. Missing teeth encourage the jawbone to resorb and the gums to recede. This is how people get that sunken, aged look when they’re not that old.

Secondly, in Edinburgh dental implants behave just like natural teeth. You do not remove them to clean them, and you don’t have to worry about getting food stuck, or having to avoid certain foods. You can treat the implants like your own teeth: eat what you like, and clean and floss as usual.