When to call the emergency dentist

You may need to see an emergency dentist for a number of reasons. Polwarth Dental Clinic in Edinburgh reserves some appointments every day for patients in need of urgent care, because we understand that dental emergencies can be both painful and distressing.

emergency dentalAnyone in need of an emergency dentist in Edinburgh should call Polwarth Dental Clinic on 0131 2298143 as soon as the emergency occurs. Whenever possible, we will get you in on the same day. Even if you require further appointments to fully rectify your condition, we will get you out of pain and work out how best to treat you during your emergency dentist appointment.

Below are some common dental emergencies, along with what your Edinburgh emergency dentist may do:

Lost teeth

Adult teeth that have been knocked out can sometimes be reimplanted in the socket by an emergency dentist. If you still have the tooth you might be able to put it back in the socket yourself. Being careful to only touch the crown of the tooth, clean it with saliva if necessary and bite down firmly on a clean paper towel.

Alternatively, if you can’t put it back yourself, cover it in milk and bring it to your dentist. If the tooth is permanently lost or too badly damaged, our Edinburgh clinic can offer tooth replacements including bridgework and dental implants.

Remember, this only applies to adult teeth. Should your young child knock out a milk tooth, never try to put it back as doing so can damage the developing adult tooth beneath. Instead, call your Edinburgh emergency dentist (and the tooth fairy).

Broken teeth

A dentist can sometimes bond pieces of a broken tooth back together using composite material – the same substance used to create white fillings. Alternatively, a crown, veneer, or composite bonding procedure may be used.

Unbearable toothache

Infection is the number one cause of unbearable toothache. Dental decay and damaged teeth can both lead to infection, which is why they must be treated promptly. At our Edinburgh clinic your emergency dentist will get you out of pain. You may have to come in for further appointments for root canal treatment to solve the issue.