What does our emergency dentist in Edinburgh help with?

Here at Polwarth Dental Clinic, we understand that accidents can happen, and sometimes you may have painful problems with your teeth that need attention. This is where we step in, with our same day emergency dentist in Edinburgh appointments that can help you in a time of need.


We will be going through the different reasons as to why you may need an emergency dental appointment, and what we can do for you when you come in. Our patients really appreciate the emergency dental service, as it gives them peace of mind that we are here to help if they need us.

Knocked out tooth

One of the more common reasons that people come into our practice for emergency appointments is when they have knocked their teeth out. It can be a worrying time losing a tooth, as well as very painful in some cases.

When you come in for an emergency appointment for a knocked out tooth, we will minimise any pain you may be in to help you feel more comfortable with the use of painkillers. We will first examine the area to see if there is any tooth debris left, and remove it if need be. A thorough cleaning of the area will also be done by our emergency dentist in Edinburgh to get rid of any bacteria and stop any infections arising.

If you are lucky and have managed to keep the knocked out tooth, we may be able to reattach it, but a lot of the time the tooth won’t be in good enough condition to do so. If this is the case, we will make sure to create a treatment plan suited to you to replace the missing tooth. We may be able to give you a temporary solution to replace the tooth whilst we plan out the permanent solution.

Damaged tooth

If you happen to damage your tooth, such as cracking it, we recommend that you contact us for an emergency dentist in Edinburgh appointment. This is because if the damage is left untreated, even for a short period of time, it can worsen and put the whole tooth at risk.

When you arrive at our practice for your emergency appointment, we will begin by examining the damaged tooth to assess the severity of its condition. Sometimes, if it is a more mild case such as a small crack, we will be able to simply fill it in. But in some cases, the damage might be too severe, and we may have to remove the tooth entirely. But don’t panic, there are plenty of options that we provide to replace a lost tooth, such as a dental implant.

Dental abscess

A major reason to contact us for an emergency appointment is if you have a dental abscess. You may not know at the time that you have the abscess, but you will be experiencing the intense pain from it. An abscess is a pocket of pus that usually forms on the inside of your tooth, and this can make it unbearably painful for anything to touch the tooth, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

When you are attending your emergency appointment and we have determined that you have a dental abscess, we will firstly relieve your pain and increase your comfort using a local anaesthetic. We will then proceed with removing the pus and ridding the area of any bacteria. This will help with the pain and reduce the risk of infection.