What an emergency dentist can do to get you back to health

An emergency dentist in Edinburgh can be reached by contacting Polwarth Dental Clinic on 0131 2298143. Dental pain can be nigh-on unbearable and dental emergencies can be both traumatic and frightening.

emergency dental careYour Edinburgh emergency dentist will do everything possible to get you out of pain at your initial appointment. It may be necessary – for example if an infection needs treating – to come back to the clinic for secondary appointments in order to fully solve your problem. However, getting you out of pain will be your dentist’s top priority.

Polwarth Dental Clinic in Edinburgh will charge a maximum of £70 for your emergency dentist appointment. Further charges will apply if additional treatment is needed at a later date.

Common dental emergencies and what your Edinburgh emergency dentist can do

Tooth knocked out

If you still have your tooth and it is in good condition (i.e. not broken) your emergency dentist may be able to reinsert it into the socket. You can try to do this yourself (although you must never do this with a child’s baby tooth lest you damage the developing adult tooth) and should bite down on a clean cloth or tissue to keep the tooth in place before calling the dentist.

Lick the tooth clean if necessary. If you cannot get it back in the socket, place it in a clean container, cover it in milk, and call the emergency dentist. If the dentist can get it back into the socket they will temporarily strap it to adjacent teeth support. If the tooth is permanently lost or too badly damaged, tooth replacements will be discussed.

Broken tooth

Sometimes, an emergency dentist can use tooth-coloured composite material to stick tooth fragments back together. Alternatively, they may use the same material to rebuild the tooth, or may place a filling or crown.

Unbearable toothache

If your toothache is caused by infection, you may need antibiotics to treat it. Your dentist will get you out of pain at the first appointment, but you may have to come back to our Edinburgh clinic for root canal treatment.