What an Edinburgh emergency dentist can do for you

If you need an Edinburgh emergency dentist, call Polwarth Dental Clinic now on 0131 2298143. We always endeavour to see emergency cases on the same day whenever possible, but the earlier you get in touch with the practice the more chance you have of being seen that day.

emergency-dentistDental emergencies can be frightening and painful. At our Edinburgh clinic your emergency dentist will do everything they can to get you out of pain as a priority at your initial emergency appointment. Oftentimes it is necessary to complete your treatment at a later appointment – for example, if there is an infection that requires antibiotics to treat – but we will never leave you in pain.

Numerous conditions require a visit to the emergency dentist. Here are some reasons that you may need urgent dental treatment, along with what your Edinburgh emergency dentist may do:

Unbearable toothache

Toothache should never be ignored – pain is a sign that something needs fixing. For mild toothache or pain that comes and goes (for example when you have an ice-cold drink), over-the-counter painkillers can provide temporary relief whilst you wait for the next regular appointment with your dentist.

Should toothache come on suddenly and be severe, or should your painkillers stop working, it’s time to give an Edinburgh emergency dentist a call. They will get you out of pain and let you know if you need further appointments, for example for root canal treatment to cleanse your tooth of all traces of infection.

Broken teeth

Sometimes, a dentist can bond fragments of a broken tooth back together using white filling material, so bring the fragments with you to your Edinburgh emergency dentist if you can. Alternatively, we can use composite bonding, porcelain veneers, white fillings, onlays, inlays, or crowns to rebuild your tooth, depending on the amount of damage and the location of the tooth.

Lost teeth

A dentist may be able to reinsert a tooth knocked out by accident into the socket. Alternatively, our Edinburgh clinic offers a number of tooth replacement options, including dentures, bridges, and dental implants, to create realistic-looking restorations.