Permanent replacements with a natural finish

At Polwarth Dental Clinic in Edinburgh, dental implants are a safe and modern way to replace missing teeth. They ensure the natural strength of your jawbone is not diminished by the gaps in your smile, and provide a great looking remedy that feels truly stable.

Improvements with staying power

The first thing you might wonder is: what’s wrong with normal, removable dentures? Plenty of people seem to get along fine with those. But while this is true, this sort of removable replacement doesn’t provide the integral support that comes with having dental implants in Edinburgh at Polwarth Dental Clinic.

Dental Implants in EdinburghThe key to this support is the use of small titanium posts – the dental implants – that are placed into the jawbone. These posts encourage new bone and blood vessels to grow around them, meshing with the titanium much like they did with the roots of the missing teeth. So when the replacement teeth are fixed onto these posts, the natural strength of the jaw can be used in biting and chewing. You won’t have to cautiously choose soft or mushy foods for your meals.

These permanently fixed replacements are also easier to clean, as you don’t need to take them out and scrub them as you would traditional dentures. You simply diligently clean your teeth as you normally would.

In addition to this, the implants help to maintain the structure of your face. You’ll probably be familiar with the ‘sunken’ look that makes wearers of removable dentures easy to spot. With modern implant dentistry, this confidence-sapping alteration in your facial appearance will be avoided, as your jawbone is kept strong and healthy.

Anyone can benefit

You can start to take advantage of the long-term improvements of dental implants whatever the extent of your tooth loss. You might have lost several teeth over a long period of time, making biting and chewing an unpleasant task. Or you may have just a gap in the front from a sporting injury. In Edinburgh, dental implants are a safe and stable solution to these situations and many others like them. Get in touch with the team at Polwarth Dental Clinic to hear more about how dental implants will protect your overall oral health, while restoring your day-to-day confidence.