Our emergency dentist in Edinburgh is available for urgent medical care

At Polwarth Dental Clinic, the wellbeing and care of our patients both new and old, are our main priority. If you find yourself in an emergency situation and require immediate attention, our dedicated team of dental practitioners and surgeons will do everything in their power to offer treatment as soon as possible.


Our modern practice in Polwarth Gardens is situated close to the high street and local amenities and offers same-day emergency visits. We also have a ramp available so that it is wheelchair accessible for all our patients and we offer ground floor surgeries.

Our emergency dentist in Edinburgh is open Monday through to Sunday and we welcome visitors as well as existing patients to the practice.

When do patients require emergency dental appointments?

If you have been in a car or sports accident or are suddenly experiencing signs of swelling, we advise that you contact our practice to seek medical attention from our emergency dentist in Edinburgh.

We also recommend that you look out for any signs of swelling or complications following a tooth extraction procedure. This requires urgent care, and we advise to not let these issues remain untreated.

What to do if you have knocked out a tooth

If you have a loose tooth that has fallen out or you have knocked it out, we recommend following these simple steps before seeking treatment with our emergency dentist.

Firstly, it’s important that you try to locate the missing tooth if possible and to place it back into the socket. If there is visible dirt or debris, we advise that you rinse it with milk before inserting it into your mouth. Once the tooth has been put back into place, bite down gently onto a handkerchief or material. In the instance that your tooth cannot be placed back into the socket, store the loose tooth in milk. It’s key that your tooth is stored in milk and not water as this will help to maintain your tooth before it can be re-inserted.

Visit our emergency dentist in Edinburgh if you have lost a crown or filling

It’s common for both crowns and fillings to fall out or even break, but leaving the damaged tooth untreated can result in minor pain or even infection. We advise contacting our practice for an emergency consultation so you can receive the right care.

While waiting for your appointment we recommend rinsing your mouth using warm water and applying a cold compress to the infected area. This will help to reduce the levels of pain experienced. If you have lost a filling and have located it, simply wash it off and place it into a sealed zip bag to protect it until your visit to our practice.

Are you wondering if you require urgent medical attention or if it can be postponed to a later date? We encourage our patients that have any dental issues to have them seen as soon as possible. Preventing an issue is always better than having to find a cure and this way any minor issues can remain small rather than escalating into more serious problems.