Help! I need an emergency dentist! Urgent dental care in Edinburgh

Dental emergencies can be frightening and painful, so seeing an emergency dentist should be sought out as soon as possible should an urgent situation occur. Edinburgh clinic Polwarth Dental Clinic keeps some appointment slots free every day to treat emergency cases, and will always attempt to ensure you are pain-free on your first visit for a maximum cost of £70.

emergency-dental-care-edinburghOf course, it is not always possible to fully rectify a condition at a single appointment, so once your Edinburgh emergency dentist has got you out of pain you may require further follow-up appointments to complete your treatment and restore you to full dental health. Some bad cases of infection may require a course of antibiotics, so we will always ensure that such problems have completely gone before permanently restoring your damaged tooth.

Many conditions require the services of an emergency dentist. Below are some come dental emergencies, and what your Edinburgh emergency dentist may do.

Knocked-out tooth

Sometimes your dentist can put the tooth back in the socket, strapping it to other teeth for a couple of weeks until it heals back into place. You may be able to put the tooth back in yourself (bite down on a clean paper towel for at least 15 minutes after doing so –and call your emergency dentist). Don’t force it, though – you can also bring the tooth to our Edinburgh clinic in a clean container, covered in milk or saliva.

Never try to put a child’s milk tooth back in the mouth as this can cause damage – instead, bring your child to the emergency dentist.

If we can’t put your adult tooth back or if it is completely lost, our Edinburgh clinic offers a number of tooth replacements, including bridges and dental implants.


Severe toothache not helped by standard painkillers should prompt a visit to your Edinburgh emergency dentist, whilst mild toothache should see you booking a regular dentist appointment.

Tooth pain is usually caused by infection or decay. Your Edinburgh emergency dentist may be able to remove the decay and fill the tooth, but if there is infection this needs two or more appointments.