Calling an emergency dentist: what they can do to get you out of pain

If you need an emergency dentist in Edinburgh, contact Polwarth Dental Clinic on 0131 2298143 without delay. The practice endeavours to see all emergency cases on the same day, and the emergency dentist will work hard to get you out of pain at your first appointment for a flat fee of £70. Additional appointments may be required to fully treat the underlying problem.

Polwarth Dental Clinic in Edinburgh provides emergency dentist appointments for both adults and children. The earlier you contact us, the more change you have been seen on the same day. Both existing patients and those who are not currently registered with us but need an Edinburgh emergency dentist are welcome.

emergency-dental-careThe quickest way to get in touch with us is by telephone, although you can also complete the contact form on our website.

Common problems your Edinburgh emergency dentist can help with include:

Severe/unbearable toothache

Never ignore a toothache because it will only get worse, and is indicative of a serious underlying problem such as infection or decay. Mild toothache should prompt you to book the next available standard appointment at our Edinburgh dental practice, whilst severe or unbearable toothache requires an emergency dentist.

Your dentist will first get you out of pain. Tooth decay can usually be treated in a single appointment, whilst infected teeth need may require several appointments to complete treatment.

Broken tooth

Teeth are frequently broken during accidents or injuries involving the face. Even a small crack should prompt an appointment at our Edinburgh dental clinic, because the tiniest crack can allow bacteria into the tooth, causing infection.

In the case of more badly damaged teeth, it is sometimes possible for a dentist to bond the fragments back together. Alternatively, solutions such as white fillings, crowns, or composite bonding may be offered.

Knocked out tooth

An emergency dentist can sometimes reimplant the tooth in the socket. If fact, you may be able to do so yourself. Never force it, and never try to put a baby tooth back in a child’s mouth. Instead, bring them to an Edinburgh emergency dentist.