A basic schedule for dental implants in Edinburgh

Treatment plans vary from person to person even if they are all having the same dental procedures. When it comes to dental implants in Edinburgh with Polwarth Dental Clinic, the number of possible variations means that you need a personalised treatment plan before you begin so that you know exactly what will happen.

Your plan will include a schedule of appointments and a breakdown of costs to help you to prepare and to budget. This is also when your dentist will use digital technology to plan the placement of your implants according to the circumstance in your mouth. In order to withstand the forces of chewing, your dental implants are, ideally, placed where the jawbone is thickest. A lot of research has been done about the various pressures applied when you use your teeth. Dental implant placement utilises this knowledge to make them more efficient and less likely to fail.

Dental Implants in EdinburghFirst consultation

Your first consultation, when you have dental implants in Edinburgh, is a good time to exchange information with your dentist. Ask any questions you need to. They will ask you questions to build up a complete picture of your requirements.

The level of detail you want to receive about your procedure is up to you. The dentist will, at a minimum, outline what will happen and when so you can prepare yourself. If you want to know more, just ask and they will be happy to discuss the treatment in more detail, show you before and after pictures of previous patients and even show you some of the equipment involved.


There may be a preparation phase at this point which is perfectly normal. At a minimum, it will include getting yourself ready for surgery by stocking your kitchen with nutritious foods that you will be able to eat. Look at any painkillers recommended by your dentist before your surgery and ensure you have enough to meet your needs. You may also want to tell friends and family and, where applicable, take a little time off work.

You may also require some physical preparation. Extractions are common prior to dental implants. This is where your dentist removes the remains of any old teeth and/or any teeth that are on the verge of deteriorating beyond their usefulness.