What makes our emergency dentist in Edinburgh so unique?

Finding the right dental clinic to provide emergency dental care can be hard for many of our patients. At our Polwarth Dental Clinic located in Edinburgh we provide a superior standard of care for all of our new, and registered patients. Our modern and welcoming surgery accompanied by our friendly and fully qualified team of dental healthcare professionals makes our emergency dental services simply unmatched. Our team offers a wealth of experience when dealing with dental emergencies, meaning we are fully capable of rectifying some of the most complex dental concerns.


Welcome to our practice

In addition to the impressive emergency dentist in Edinburgh services we provide, we are also a long established practice where our number one priority is providing high quality dentistry for every member of the family. Our clinic was initially established in 1995 and boasts an impressive reputation within the local area, and even nationwide. Our principal dentist (Dr William MacEachen) works constantly with the members of his team to create both a caring and relaxed dental environment whereby our patients feel comfortable at all times. In addition to our welcoming surgery, we also choose to embrace the latest advancements within both cosmetic and preventive dental care, meaning our patients receive the best possible results.

What to expect from a visit to our emergency dentist in Edinburgh

After entering our practice our patients can expect to experience a warm welcome from our team. Our dental staff go the extra mile to get to know our patients on a personal level, finding out their interests and priorities when it comes to their smile. We emphasise the importance of dental education at our surgery and strongly believe that patients who understand their dental health are more relaxed at our practice and are better equipped to deduce the best treatment options for themselves.

Did you know?

Every single one of our dentists and specialists have undertaken an extensive level of training to provide our patients with the very best dental procedures. Whilst we emphasise the importance of routine dental care, we also offer a wide range of high quality cosmetic treatments such as tooth whitening, veneers, invisible braces, and even dental implants. In addition to our extensive list of treatment options available we also offer same day emergency dental appointments.

Do you need an emergency dentist in Edinburgh?

If your answer to the question above is yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Our team of experienced dental healthcare professionals provide same day emergency dental appointments for both our new, and registered patients. If you are experiencing dental pain or have had an accident causing damage to your tooth, then why not give our practice a call? Our services are available from Monday till Friday and we always strive to rectify your dental concerns on the same day.

Is this always possible?

No, not always. For those patients with more complex emergency dentistry needed, we may suggest more than one dental appointment to address the problem. If you do require more than one appointment, we ensure all of our patients leave the walls of our practice pain-free. Our team is passionate about every single one of our patients and we never go home until every dental emergency is seen to.

FAQs about our emergency dentist in Edinburgh

At Polwarth Dental Clinic, we aim to help our patients as quickly as possible for the most severe of cases. With our emergency dental service, you can rest assured knowing that if you ever have an accident with your teeth, we can help you with our professional expertise.


When can I come in?

We are proud to accept everyone into our emergency dentist in Edinburgh appointments, whether you are a registered patient with us or not. If you have an emergency within our practice opening hours, we will be able to give you an appointment the same day. We will do all we can in the emergency appointment to help you, and start to create a treatment plan for you if needed.

Do you have an out-of-hours service?

If you are a registered patient with us, you can also enjoy our out-of-hours service, which can be a huge help in a time of dental crisis. All you need to do is call our practice and follow the answer machine instructions to get in touch with our on-call emergency dentist in Edinburgh. This can really put your mind at ease, knowing that you have help if you end up in a painful situation with your teeth, 365 days a year!

What is a dental emergency?

You may be wondering what we mean when we say a ‘dental emergency’, and there is one main thing that we focus on, which is pain. If you are experiencing extreme pain and sensitivity with your teeth and gums, and you’re not sure why, this is definitely a reason to contact us for an emergency appointment. The pain and sensitivity could mean that you have an underlying issue with your teeth that has reached the breaking point, so it is important to get it looked at and treated by us as quickly as possible before it gets worse.

What happens in the appointment?

When you come in for an emergency dentist in Edinburgh appointment with us, there are a couple of steps that we usually always take. The first is minimising your pain, through the use of painkillers or local anaesthetic, depending on how bad it is. This is done to increase your comfort during the appointment, and allows us to examine your teeth without it being unbearably painful. Once your pain has been relieved, we will examine your mouth to see if there are any visible causes of the pain. We may also take scans such as X-rays to get a deeper look at the teeth and jaw, to try and find the cause.

When we find out what the underlying cause is of your pain, we will do what we can in that moment to help treat it. This could be by us temporarily filling in a crack, or doing a deep cleaning. If it is needed, we will also recommend further treatments to help with whatever issue you are dealing with. For example, if we have had to remove a damaged tooth during the emergency appointment, we will give you options of treatments to have in the future to replace it.

What does our emergency dentist in Edinburgh help with?

Here at Polwarth Dental Clinic, we understand that accidents can happen, and sometimes you may have painful problems with your teeth that need attention. This is where we step in, with our same day emergency dentist in Edinburgh appointments that can help you in a time of need.


We will be going through the different reasons as to why you may need an emergency dental appointment, and what we can do for you when you come in. Our patients really appreciate the emergency dental service, as it gives them peace of mind that we are here to help if they need us.

Knocked out tooth

One of the more common reasons that people come into our practice for emergency appointments is when they have knocked their teeth out. It can be a worrying time losing a tooth, as well as very painful in some cases.

When you come in for an emergency appointment for a knocked out tooth, we will minimise any pain you may be in to help you feel more comfortable with the use of painkillers. We will first examine the area to see if there is any tooth debris left, and remove it if need be. A thorough cleaning of the area will also be done by our emergency dentist in Edinburgh to get rid of any bacteria and stop any infections arising.

If you are lucky and have managed to keep the knocked out tooth, we may be able to reattach it, but a lot of the time the tooth won’t be in good enough condition to do so. If this is the case, we will make sure to create a treatment plan suited to you to replace the missing tooth. We may be able to give you a temporary solution to replace the tooth whilst we plan out the permanent solution.

Damaged tooth

If you happen to damage your tooth, such as cracking it, we recommend that you contact us for an emergency dentist in Edinburgh appointment. This is because if the damage is left untreated, even for a short period of time, it can worsen and put the whole tooth at risk.

When you arrive at our practice for your emergency appointment, we will begin by examining the damaged tooth to assess the severity of its condition. Sometimes, if it is a more mild case such as a small crack, we will be able to simply fill it in. But in some cases, the damage might be too severe, and we may have to remove the tooth entirely. But don’t panic, there are plenty of options that we provide to replace a lost tooth, such as a dental implant.

Dental abscess

A major reason to contact us for an emergency appointment is if you have a dental abscess. You may not know at the time that you have the abscess, but you will be experiencing the intense pain from it. An abscess is a pocket of pus that usually forms on the inside of your tooth, and this can make it unbearably painful for anything to touch the tooth, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

When you are attending your emergency appointment and we have determined that you have a dental abscess, we will firstly relieve your pain and increase your comfort using a local anaesthetic. We will then proceed with removing the pus and ridding the area of any bacteria. This will help with the pain and reduce the risk of infection.

How can our emergency dentist in Edinburgh help with toothache?

If you are suffering with severe toothache, then you will most likely be suffering with extreme pain and sensitivity with your teeth and gums. Our emergency dentist in Edinburgh will do everything they can to help you with this problem, both in the emergency appointment and beyond.


The causes

Before we explain what will happen during any emergency appointment with us, we will first discuss the possible causes of the toothache. We will try and determine if there are problems with your teeth that are causing the toothache during the emergency appointment, and create a treatment plan accordingly.

Tooth decay

When your teeth are decayed, this can cause damage to your enamel, and can also reach the inside of your teeth if left for long enough. Not keeping up with the standard oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing, or not doing it properly is the main cause of decay. Other factors such as smoking and eating foods that are high in sugar can also contribute.

Damaged tooth

If you have toothache, it may mean that you have a damaged tooth, such as a crack, and this can weaken it, as well as cause pain and sensitivity. If a crack is left alone, it can get even worse, and cause irreversible damage. We recommend that you come in for an appointment with our emergency dentist in Edinburgh as soon as possible after you notice a breakage.

An infection

Toothache can also be caused by an infection in the tooth, which can also spread to your other teeth. An infection usually starts when there is plaque build-up, and the bacteria from it can enter the inside of your tooth. We can help with infections by doing a root canal treatment, as this will rid the tooth of any bacteria, and we fill it in afterwards so that no bacteria can get inside again.

What happens in the emergency appointment?

When you come in for an appointment with our emergency dentist in Edinburgh, the first thing they will do is examine your teeth to try and find a cause of the toothache. They may also take scans such as X-rays to get a deeper look at your teeth and bones. Hopefully by doing this we can find the cause of the toothache, and act accordingly. We can also give you painkillers to help minimise the pain during the examination, and for afterwards too. It is important that we don’t just relieve your pain and send you on your way, as it may happen again. We will do our best to find the problem that is causing the toothache.

Once we have found the cause during the emergency appointment, we will do everything we can to help it short term, such as temporary fillings. This is to help you whilst we plan out how to deal with the underlying issue, whatever it may be. We will make sure to have future appointments with you to permanently fix the problem that is causing your toothache, and as quickly as possible.

Have you been struggling to find an emergency dentist in Edinburgh?

Frantically trying to find an emergency dentist in Edinburgh when you are in the midst of a tooth-related catastrophe can be extremely stressful, and you could even end up making a rushed decision and regretting it later. At Polwarth Dental Clinic we pride ourselves on being there for our patients when they need us most, even out of hours. If you are suffering from tooth pain, have damaged a tooth in an accident or feel as if something is very wrong, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible so we can arrange an appointment for you to be seen by one of our practitioners. There is a whole range of reasons as to why you could be in pain, but seeking treatment sooner rather than later will prevent your condition from worsening and potentially help you avoid needing more complicated treatment in the future.


Why having a reliable practice in an emergency is a must

Nobody likes to feel alone and unsupported when they are having severe discomfort with their teeth, so making sure you have a reliable emergency dentist in Edinburgh is a must. At Polwarth Dental Clinic we welcome both registered patients and non-registered patients into our practice Monday to Friday to do whatever we can to help them with their dental disasters. We advise on contacting the practice as soon as you notice pain or discomfort so that we can arrange an appointment as soon as possible for you on the same day. Sometimes we will be unable to completely resolve your issues on the same day, but we will endeavour to make you as comfortable as possible before leaving our practice. Whilst we provide appointments in our practice Monday to Friday within working hours, we understand that emergencies will sometimes happen outside of these hours. For registered patients we provide an out-of-hours service that runs every day of the year. People who are part of our dental plan will be able to claim back a majority of their call out fee too. Unfortunately we cannot provide out-of-hours help to unregistered patients, but we are happy for them to call for advice.  

Taking care of your knocked out tooth

In situations where people have knocked out one of their teeth it is important that they know what to do until it is time for their appointment with our emergency dentist in Edinburgh. If the tooth cannot be found, there is not much that can be done, other than to ensure that the socket is clean. If you can find your tooth, it is important that you only touch the white part of it, the crown. The roots of your tooth are extremely sensitive, and touching them could end up damaging your tooth. To ensure your tooth stays clean and free from bacteria you can store it in a glass of milk or your own saliva. Do not try and force your tooth back into its socket, as this can cause further damage to both your mouth and your tooth and could result in it not being able to be restored.

Book a same day appointment with our emergency dentist in Edinburgh

When tooth pain strikes it can seem tempting to put off making an appointment to see your dentist and just take some painkillers instead. This will not resolve your problems, and if left untreated your problem will only worsen over time. There is always generally a reason for tooth pain, and at Polwarth Dental Clinic we endeavour to find out what that reason is on the same day that you contact our practice. In some situations we may not be able to completely rectify your issue on the same day, but we will do whatever we can to make you as comfortable as possible before you leave our practice. Making an appointment with our emergency dentist in Edinburgh is simple and can be done either over the phone or online via our website, but in cases where time is of the essence we recommend that you phone us to ensure that we can book you in for an appointment as soon as possible.


Out of hours appointments for those inconvenient emergencies

At Polwarth Dental Clinic we are aware that you cannot plan when you might need to see our emergency dentist in Edinburgh. Tooth pain can come on incredibly quickly and be almost unbearable to deal with sometimes, so we understand that waiting until the next day is not always an option. In some cases seeking advice as soon as possible is vital if you wish to avoid more complicated problems in the future, or if you have knocked out or chipped a tooth in an accident. For registered patients we provide an out-of-hours service every day of the year, and whilst this has an initial cost you will be able to claim most of this back if you are a member of one of our plans. Unfortunately we cannot provide out-of-hours services for unregistered patients, but we do welcome you to contact us Monday to Friday if you are having a dental emergency and are not registered with us.

Stay calm and know what to do until your appointment

When you contact our emergency dentist in Edinburgh they will arrange an appointment for you as soon as possible, but they will also give you reliable advice on what to do until it is time for our practitioner to see you. This may be how to reduce pain and/or swelling, what to avoid in case certain things result in worsening your situation, and what to do if your tooth has fallen out or become chipped. When a tooth has fallen out it is vital that you take care of it properly if you wish to restore it successfully. Most people think that wrapping their tooth or piece of tooth in a tissue or placing it in water will keep it safe and clean until they arrive at the clinic, but this is not correct, in fact it might damage your tooth and prevent it from being able to be restored. Instead, store it in a glass of milk or your own saliva, making sure that you do not touch the root of it as this will also damage it. 

Don’t leave it too late to see our emergency dentist in Edinburgh

At Polwarth Dental Clinic we understand how important it is to have a reliable emergency dentist in Edinburgh when things with your teeth suddenly go wrong. We endeavour to see all of our emergency patients as quickly as possible, to ensure that they have the highest chances of getting the results they desire and provide an out-of-hours service for patients that are registered members at our practice. We provide emergency appointments for non-registered patients Monday to Friday, but we understand that some emergencies will take place out of these hours and in these circumstances recommend non-registered patients to call us so they can seek advice as quickly as possible. There is no dictionary definition of what a dental emergency is, so if you are in pain or feel as if something is wrong you should contact our practice as soon as you are able. Things such as painful/impacted wisdom teeth, infections, abscesses and damaged teeth amongst other things, are all valid reasons for contacting our practice to make sure that your teeth are getting the care they require.


Procrastination will put your teeth at risk

At Polwarth Dental Clinic we can’t stress enough how important it is to make an appointment to see our emergency dentist in Edinburgh as soon as you know that something is not right. Tooth pain can sometimes come on incredibly quickly, or a tooth may get knocked out suddenly in an accident. It is important not to delay when these things happen, as your teeth are definitely at risk. Not seeking dental advice when you are in severe pain can lead to further complications and more expensive dental treatment down the line, in some cases your teeth may even fall out or need to be removed. Infections can occur and spread quickly if left untreated, and abscesses and tumours can result in fatal consequences if ignored. If your gums, teeth or mouth become unhealthy you may not be able to receive some treatments in the future, and it gets worse from there. Contacting us as soon as possible will enable us to arrange an appointment for you as soon as possible.

Are you waiting for your appointment?

Wherever they can, our emergency dentist in Edinburgh will see you as soon as possible, especially in circumstances where a tooth has been knocked out. However, there may be situations where you need to wait a short while for an appointment, or it may take a little while to travel to us. If you have had an accident and one of your teeth has fallen out then it is important that you do not touch the roots of your tooth. This can damage it and prevent it from being restored, so make sure you only touch the crown of your tooth, which is the white part. Store your tooth in milk or your own saliva until you arrive at your appointment. Do not try to replace your own tooth as this can cause additional damage, but if you can easily slot it into its original socket then do so, and bite down gently on a damp cloth to keep it in place, but do not force it. 

Is my normal dentist an emergency dentist in Edinburgh?

It takes many of us a long time to gain confidence in a medical or dental practitioner to the stage where we do not feel apprehensive when we go for an appointment. When it comes to emergencies, especially dental, it makes sense to be able to visit the dentist that you are familiar with and with whom you have built a relationship over time. Our emergency dentist in Edinburgh offers both regular routine appointments as well as a quality, experienced team that you are familiar with and can call on when needed in case of an emergency.


Relaxed treatment for routine and emergency procedures

The unexpected can happen at any time of the day or night and it’s comforting to know that when it comes to dental care you are covered by your emergency dentist in Edinburgh. You feel safe in the knowledge that you can visit the same dentist whether for that routine six monthly check-up or because you have tripped and broken a tooth. You do not need to be stressed while you search for an emergency dentist and then have to overcome your apprehension, something that we all feel when we visit a dentist for the first time.

Working to a plan

The recommended dental plan is to visit a dentist when you are as young as possible and to build up a lasting relationship with that dentist over a lifetime. Sometimes however that is not always possible, as people move and dentists retire. Providing continuity of dental service is something that we at Polwarth Dental Clinic pride ourselves on and we ensure that our patients enjoy a coherent service for themselves and their family. Having a comprehensive dental plan is essential for all of us, but people do not always have access to their regular dentist in the case of an emergency. We do however provide that particular service and our emergency dentist in Edinburgh provision ensures that our dentist who knows and understands your dental situation will be there in all eventualities. In an emergency there is no need for you to go through the procedure of registering or filling first visit forms or X-rays, as these are all readily available to our dentist in an emergency. Our emergency dentists have the necessary skills to handle anything from the simple to the more challenging dental procedures, putting you at ease so that the experience is relaxed and completely stress-free.

Family dental care across the board

We provide the full range of family dental care, and cosmetic care including teeth whitening, implants and crowns. Our standard working hours are five days a week staying open until late on a Tuesday evening. In addition of course we have the emergency dentist service which is available to you when you need to visit us due to a crisis. We ensure that you experience peace of mind by providing a service that you can rely on any day of the week and any time of the day. Our friendly staff are on hand to help you and ensure that all your dental needs and those of your family are always satisfied.

Our emergency dentist in Edinburgh is open during Covid

Our emergency dentist in Edinburgh is available at Polwarth Dental Clinic during the current Covid pandemic crisis, dealing with emergency cases. It’s difficult enough to secure an appointment for a dental emergency out of hours let alone during a pandemic. We are here for our regular patients and any new patients who find themselves in a dental crisis. Our friendly, well trained staff are on hand to assist you in any dental emergency.


If you find yourself in a dental crisis

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in need of a dentist urgently due to a fall resulting in a broken tooth or crown, retrieve the tooth or crown without touching the roots and wash well with either saline solution or milk. Once well cleaned insert the tooth back into the socket it came out of by holding it gently in place or biting down carefully. If you cannot get it to stay in the socket, place the tooth in your mouth between your gum and cheek. The idea is that you keep the tooth moist with the natural saliva in your mouth. Contact our emergency dentist in Edinburgh immediately to get an appointment as soon as possible, as time is critical. There is less chance of saving the tooth the longer it stays out of your tooth socket.

What other crises are considered dental emergencies?

It is important to know and understand what is considered to be a dental emergency. If you experience swelling of your gums, face or cheeks and you find that it is spreading you must mention these details when phoning our surgery. You may be finding that you are unable to sleep or are woken up by severe pain. Often mouth ulcers develop but disappear after a few days, if in your case you have had mouth ulcers for two weeks or more we need to know. Tell us if a recent extraction of a tooth has resulted in constant bleeding which you have been unable to stem. These are the more common problems that could be categorised into requiring emergency treatment. Even if your problem is not mentioned here, your state is the most important thing and if you feel that you have a dental emergency our emergency dentist in Edinburgh is trained to listen to all concerns and will assist you. Our primary concern is the well being of our patients and by discussing the problem once we have calmed you down we will make a decision with you, whether you should visit the surgery or if you follow our instructions it is better to call in during normal working hours. We will discuss with you what to do to maintain a safe and healthy mouth before the condition can be treated.

A full range of services

Our dental practice is equipped with the most up-to-date hardware and software to be able to provide you with the service best suited to treat your condition. In addition to providing emergency treatments we offer the full range of family treatment such as restorative procedures, preventive and children’s dental care. We discuss a comprehensive dental programme and constantly update our records after each and every visit.

Working hours

As well as offering emergency dental care we are also open five days a week and on Tuesday we offer a late night closing time option.

When will you need an emergency dentist in Edinburgh?

Identifying what is considered as a dental emergency as opposed to a medical emergency can be difficult for an individual.


Because we are used to handling emergencies as well as routine patients, when you contact our emergency dentist in Edinburgh you will be assisted by a competent, experienced and friendly contact person. The contact will immediately be concentrating on extracting your information and at the same time ensuring that you remain calm and unflustered. It is important at this stage to ascertain if you have swelling of your gums or face and if there is any spreading of the swelling, if there is spreading, it is crucial to mention the exact location. If you have such intense pain that it is affecting your sleep or making concentration difficult you need an emergency appointment. And if you indicate the presence of any mouth ulcers that you may have that have not healed over in the past two weeks this will need to be checked. You must also call us if you have had any dental work recently which may have caused bleeding and you have been unable to stop the flow. Another scenario may be that you may have had an accident and suffered a broken tooth which is causing you pain and bleeding. All of these situations we would consider to be requiring emergency dental treatment.

More than just a dentist for emergencies

Some people do not go near a dentist unless it is an emergency and we know and understand that this happens. Gaining trust and confidence is our ambition at our emergency dentist in Edinburgh with all our patients, but especially when we receive a visit from a patient who has come to us as a result of an emergency. Focusing on the patient and identifying and satisfying their needs is our first priority and our expertise in handling both complex and simple treatments ensures that the patient experience is stress-free. If it’s a quick emergency or a full regular routine appointment we go out of our way to listen and provide individual treatment and advice to our patients.

From emergency to regular routine dental care

When we receive a call from a first time patient we make every effort to make them feel relaxed and attend to their immediate requirements as quickly as possible. During the relevant procedure we will conduct a thorough inspection of the mouth, teeth and gums as a matter of routine. Because of our emergency dentist in Edinburgh we have the facilities and capabilities to provide the full range of dental care and treatments. We have found that by being so accessible our emergency patients often become regular patients who, having experienced our soothing and friendly manner, are no longer anxious at the thought of having to go to the dentist. Often people do not see a dentist as the provider of anything other than fillings and repairs for broken teeth. Once we have explained the need for proper dental hygiene and care it seems to open a whole new world that they never knew existed.

Additional services including cosmetic procedures

Polwarth Dental Clinic is a complete dental care provider with the addition of an efficient and reputable emergency dental service. We offer the full spectrum of dental treatments from teeth whitening and veneers to crowns and dental implants. If your need is to repair damaged teeth or just to whiten and straighten your teeth, you can rest assured that you will always be in capable hands with us.