5 Reasons why an emergency dentist is best placed to treat emergency situations

At our Polwarth Dental Clinic we do not recommend that patients ignore dental problems as this can increase the risk of more serious complications further down the line or result in dental emergencies. Treating complicated issues often involves needing extensive treatment and is likely to be more expensive. When attempting to deal with dental emergencies, it is critical to seek appropriate treatment. This means that finding a dental practitioner with the required skills and experience is the most important consideration.

Emergency Dentist in EdinburghPatients may mistakenly believe that having a tooth knocked out is not serious enough to warrant an urgent trip to a dental clinic or that toothache can be ignored or ‘managed’. More often than not tooth pain has a serious underlying issue: abscessed tooth, exposed nerves or a loose filling. Dental treatment is necessary to prevent loss of tooth.

Professional dental attention is vital for many reasons. If severe pain is not a critical factor, then time is when dealing with dental emergencies and our emergency dentist in Edinburgh is best placed to treat the following types of emergencies:

  1. Save a knocked out tooth

The opportune time frame in which to salvage a tooth and successfully re-attach it to the socket is, ideally within the first few hours of the incident occurring.

  1. Treat a broken, chipped or fractured tooth

Depending on the severity of the fracture, a patient may experience severe pain. Another cause of concern is that the tooth may become vulnerable to infection and result in further discomfort and complications.

  1. Remove items lodged in between teeth and gums

Anything, including food items, that gets lodged in gums can cause injury to the site and if left untreated can increase the risk of inflammation and infection. This should be treated as soon as possible.

  1. Relieve unbearable pain

Our highly trained Emergency dentist in Edinburgh is ideally placed to find the underlying cause of dental pain that can result from a number of causes and provide the best possible treatment that prioritises dental health. This may include ensuring that the integrity of teeth, gum and jaw is not compromised and that there is no further soft tissue damage.

  1. Treat inflamed or bleeding gums

The well-trained eye of an emergency dentist can get to the source of gum inflammation or bleeding discomfort very quickly.

A professional dentist experienced in dental emergencies can confirm what temporary treatment is suitable until arrangements can be made for further repairs to be made, if necessary. The top priority of urgent treatment is to alleviate the distress and discomfort of our patients.

Why risk the functionality of your mouth or the quality of your smile by delaying dental care. Polwarth Dental Clinic is experienced in treating all kinds of dental emergencies. Visit our web page for more information on how to contact us in the event of a dental emergency. Or give us a call if you have any questions regarding emergency dental care.

How to know if you need an emergency dentist in Edinburgh

You can plan and organise your life in many ways, but you cannot predict when misfortune might knock on your door. Keep your family safe from the onslaught unplanned mouth injuries in the future by chatting to our emergency dentist in Edinburgh today.

Emergency Dentist in EdinburghOur hands-on team at Polwarth Dental Clinic come highly trained and with several years of collective experience. You will be cared for in a professional and friendly manner to keep you calm in this high-stress situation and receive same-day service. Walk out of your office with an intact smile with your mouth injury barely showing.

What you should do in emergency

You find yourself in a situation where you have a severely damaged tooth, and you are understandably in a state of shock and panic. That said, it is essential that you or someone in your company keep calm and act quickly to try to save your tooth.

Follow these steps:

  • Pick up the tooth by the crown, not the root.
  • Clean it with milk or water
  • Place the tooth back into the socket either by gently holding it or biting down on the tooth
  • If it cannot be repositioned – put in your mouth next to your cheek.
  • Keep the tooth moist with saliva
  • See an emergency dentist within 30 minutes. Time is crucial; the longer your tooth is out the mouth, the less chance there is to save it.

Find a dentist who is available after-hours

The best way to avoid scrambling to find a dentist who is available at short notice is to plan ahead. Do your homework. Your local dentist who you trust implicitly might not take your call and be willing to help in the middle of the night or charge exorbitantly.

Our emergency dentist in Edinburgh is ready to answer your call at all hours for a fee of 135 pounds, a sum of which is likely covered by your dental plan. Have peace of mind knowing that unplanned expenses you did not anticipate are accounted for.

What is a dental emergency?

If there is extensive visible damage to the tooth or if you are experiencing severe pain, seek out professional aid.

These may include:

  • A knocked out tooth or mouth injury to the cheeks, tongue or lips in an accident.
  • Sudden, intolerable pain, or pain caused by impact with no other visible symptoms
  • Pain, swelling and bleeding following a dental procedure

What is not a dental emergency?

We see a chipped tooth or a loose filling as a minor impact. In short, only injuries that compromise the tooth will be tended to immediately, to preserve the tooth.

Having a bit of your tooth missing, while embarrassing, is not an emergency according to most medical professionals.

What to do if you are looking for care outside of working hours?

If the incident happens within working hours, you can receive same-day treatment. Things get more complicated when the event occurs outside of these times.

Your first port of call is to phone your local dentist. It is likely that you will get voicemail, but the voicemail recording might include a number in which to call in the case of an emergency.

Otherwise, call the NHS 111 service for further advice.

You never know when you might need an emergency dentist. Take the necessary precautions to ensure that your family receive 24-hour dental care when you need it with us.

What is dental emergency and when should you visit an emergency dentist in Edinburgh?

Accidents happen. You could be happily chewing an apple when you hear the loud crunch of your tooth breaking, or have an incisor knocked out as you get tackled by an opponent playing rugby. When you are faced with an unexpected mouth injury, you need to ask yourself the following questions, “is the damage severe enough that I need immediate attention?”, and “does my dentist offer services’ after-hours’ to tend to my needs”?

Emergency Dentist in EdinburghIf you face a scenario where you need to see a dental practitioner as soon as possible, our emergency dentist in Edinburgh provides exceptional same-day services. Our dental team is also highly trained in these situations where time is of the essence.

What can be classified as a “medical emergency?”

You might consider a chipped tooth or a loose filling a severe matter, and in its own right it is, but in all likelihood, the tooth can wait. An imperfect tooth might be a self-perceived disaster in that it changes your facial appearance and causes you embarrassment, but it is unlikely that our emergency dentist in Edinburgh shares your views.

At the same time, if your tooth is seriously broken and has undergone extensive nerve damage, leaving it in the hopes that it will heal by itself, is reckless. The later it is seen to, the less chance you have in saving it.

A broken tooth left untreated gets infected as bacteria enters the tissue under the enamel, and forms an abscess. Pain sometimes but not always accompanies an abscess, and so you might not know that you have one until it progressively worsens. A worst case scenario occurs when the infection-causing bacteria enter the bloodstream and spread their germs throughout your body, causing serious illness that impacts your overall state of health, and not just your oral health.

Steps you should take before you reach a dentist

As mentioned, you need to seek out medical advice after experiencing extreme mouth trauma urgently. However, the reality is that time will lapse between the injury and receiving the help you need.

To prevent swelling, relieve pain or to stop the blood, following these steps.

  • Rinse your mouth with warm water
  • Apply pressure to the bleeding with gauze or anything absorbent (teabags work too)
  • Place ice packs on cheeks and lips to stop the worst of the swelling.
  • If the pain is unmanageable, take a painkiller.

How is a broken tooth treated?

Treatment depends on the extent of the injury. Our dentist will do what they can to save your tooth, but sometimes the tooth needs to be removed to protect your mouth and keep your surrounding teeth healthy.

At worst, if the teeth have extended into the pulp, root canal surgery might be your best option. It might sound like a serious procedure, and it is, but such operations are common, and with the help of anaesthesia, is similar to having a filling done with minimal pain.

None of us likes thinking about the possibility of a traumatic incident, but prepare yourself for the worst. Entrust our team at Polwarth Dental Clinic to handle your emergency when they happen in a calm and highly professional environment.

Can you save a knocked out tooth?

There you are, on the ground with a bleeding mouth, a bashed face and teeth sitting next to you. Your teeth. Whether you’ve lost them through mountain biking, rugby, skateboarding or in some other way, the result is pretty much the same. And the next question is: can you get them put back in?

Emergency Dentist in EdinburghThe answer from us at Polwarth Dental Clinic is: yes, you can if you can get to our emergency dentist in Edinburgh as quickly as possible.

The boy scouts are right: be prepared

If you regularly participate in activities that might lead to your teeth being knocked out, it’s a good idea to know what to do if the worst does happen, and to have the right stuff with you to do it.

Here’s what to do

Before you go out, make sure you can contact our emergency dentist in Edinburgh straight away. Put our number in your phone.

Then, follow these guidelines when you’ve lost that tooth. Find it and pick it up by the crown, not the root. You want to keep all those fleshy strands attached to the tooth alive, so don’t touch them.

If your tooth is dirty, you can either lick off the dirt or use milk to clean it. Never use tap water, or any water, to clean the tooth. The chemicals in the water can kill it.

Next, store your tooth. If you are an adult, the best thing to do is try to put it back into the hole. If it’s a child’s baby tooth, never try to put it back, as doing so can damage the adult tooth waiting behind to come through.

If you can’t get the tooth back into the hole, hold it inside your mouth, or store it in a jar of milk. Never let the tooth dry out. It is used to being in a wet place and drying will kill it.

Now call our emergency dentist in Edinburgh and explain that you have knocked out a tooth. We will see you as quickly as possible and do our best to re-insert the tooth for you. If, for some reason, this is not possible, we can move onto discussing ways to replace it.

Don’t ignore that toothache

It may be something that doesn’t really register with you to start with, that toothache of yours. It comes first for only a second, then it’s gone. Then, the flash of sensitivity increases to something sharper and longer. Over the next few days, it morphs into a throbbing pain that starts to take over your entire head, your ear, even down into your neck.

Emergency Dentist in EdinburghPerhaps at first, you thought this toothache was something you could safely ignore, but the longer you leave it, the worse it becomes. It’s time to get yourself an appointment with our emergency dentist in Edinburgh at Polwarth Dental Clinic.

Same-day emergency dentist in Edinburgh

If you are in pain, it’s important that you get an emergency appointment on the day you call. At Polwarth Dental Clinic, the emergency dentist in Edinburgh will see you on the day you call for an appointment.

We make a point of this. We know what can happen in a few short hours, and that’s why we won’t go home until we have seen every single one of our emergency appointments. Not every dentist that claims to offer an emergency service can guarantee a same day appointment but for Polwarth Dental Clinic, doing so is a point of honour for us.

Don’t wait

If you are registered with Polwarth Dental Clinic, you can even call us to see our emergency dentist in Edinburgh out of hours. There is a call out fee of £135.

Whatever you do, please don’t wait if you have had toothache for more than a few days. Toothache is often linked to infection. This often means that there is an abscess around the base of the tooth, often under the gum, collecting pus. The increasing pressure is what is causing the pain and can also lead to fever. We need to be able to drain off the pus and clean out the infection.

The longer you wait, the higher the chance that any infection can kill off your tooth and then spread into the jawbone.

Do it now. Give us a ring. We’re here to help.

Avoiding dental emergencies – 3 top tips

At Polwarth Dental Clinic, we are proud to offer services as an emergency dentist in Edinburgh. However, we know that most patients would prefer not to have to use this particular service if they can avoid it.

Emergency Dentist in EdinburghIf you do need the emergency dentist in Edinburgh, we are standing by to offer swift and supportive services. We try and see all emergency patients on the day that they call and get them comfortable as soon as possible. To reduce your chances of having to pay us a sudden visit, consider some of the practices below.

Regular dental visits

Some people can go their whole lives without ever needing an emergency dentist in Edinburgh. Often, these people are the ones who come to see us for their regular appointments. This is because dental emergencies are normally caused by either injury or as the final step of long-term deterioration of the teeth. The latter is less likely to happen if you attend check-ups consistently.

Treat your teeth gently

Impact or pressure can break teeth. Your smile is covered in enamel which is the hardest substance that the body produces. However, there’s still only so much they can take. You can find yourself with a sudden issue when you eat very hard foods, sustain a blow during sports or do something you know you shouldn’t, like open a bottle with your teeth. To protect your teeth, you can ensure you eat hard foods carefully, wear a sports mouthguard and don’t use your teeth for anything they weren’t designed for!

Don’t wait

Sometimes, you will begin to get the sense that something is wrong in the mouth. Maybe you get a twinge or a tingle when you bite on something cold or perhaps you see blood when you are brushing your teeth. As soon as you think something is a little off, it’s time to book a dental appointment at the Polwarth Dental Clinic. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that your teeth will suffer irreparable damage. Dental issues can go from mild to severe very quickly. Face the problem quickly and you could get a simple repair and no trauma or pain.

Can Polwarth Dental Clinic save your tooth?

It can be a shocking moment when you first realise you have cracked a tooth. You may have just been eating or playing a favourite sport and suddenly you have to worry about whether you are going to lose a tooth. The important thing is to stay calm and contact your emergency dentist in EdinburghPolwarth Dental Clinic. We are on hand to walk you through all the steps you need to take to increase your chance of saving a damaged tooth.

Emergency Dentist in EdinburghStep 1 – what do you do with the tooth?

Whenever possible, leave your tooth in position in your mouth. It will fare better if it keeps being nourished by the systems in your mouth. If the damage is extensive, this may not be possible. Any tooth or part of a tooth that needs to spend time outside of your mouth must not be allowed to dry out. To keep it moist, cover it in saliva or milk. Do not place your tooth in water. This may cause irreparable damage.

Step 2 – call us

Call Polwarth Dental Clinic as soon as possible after you damage your tooth – within minutes is ideal. This is why it is a good idea to decide on your emergency dentist in Edinburgh before you actually need one. You won’t have to waste any time looking for our number if it is already in your phone.

During the call, we will offer you additional advice based on your specific circumstances. This might relate to the treatment of your tooth or, for example, tips on alleviating pain. The next thing we will do is book you an appointment as soon as possible so that you can see an emergency dentist in Edinburgh.

Step 3 – attend your appointment

When you come to your appointment, we will do all we can to ensure you are pain-free. Then we will assess the situation to see if we can save the tooth. If we cannot for any reason, we will talk to you about tooth replacement options. Before you leave, we will book any follow-up appointments you need so you can relax in the knowledge that you will get all the support you need to restore your smile.

Prepare for your emergency dental appointment

Nobody wants to have a dental emergency, but unfortunately, they occur when we least expect them. But whether you have knocked out a tooth, you have a severe toothache or your dental implant is feeling loose, it’s really important to seek emergency dental care.

Emergency Dentist in EdinburghAt Polwarth Dental Clinic, our dedicated emergency dentist in Edinburgh deals with a wide range of dental emergencies and is here to help you overcome your problem, while ensuring that your teeth remain healthy and functional. Admittedly, some dental emergencies are more serious than others, but we will do our best to ensure that your oral health is not compromised.

Ideally, you should see our emergency dentist in Edinburgh very soon after your injury. In some cases, timing is really important. For instance, our emergency dentist in Edinburgh will have more chances to save a displaced tooth, if the patient visits within an hour after the accident. Here are a few things to keep in mind before your dental appointment.

Always come with a friend and/or relative

If you are having a dental emergency, chances are that you are feeling in pain or disoriented. Depending on your injury, we may use sedation. In that case, it’s really important to have someone to accompany you back home after your treatment. Moreover, it’s not a great idea to drive while you are in pain.

Keep your dislocated tooth or broken restoration as intact as possible

While we appreciate that the circumstances of each accident are different, it’s really important to keep your dislocated tooth or broken restorations somewhere safe until you reach us. If possible, keep your tooth (or tooth piece) moist by storing it in saliva or milk. And don’t be tempted to touch it by the root.

It’s a good idea to invest in a dental emergency kit

If you are playing contact sports or are exposed to dangers outdoors, it’s a good idea to invest in a dental emergency kit. Sterile gauzes and painkillers are particularly handy in dental emergencies and should keep you fairly comfortable until you see our emergency dentist in Edinburgh.

To learn more about our emergency dental services or how to book an appointment, call us today.

How do I know if I need emergency dental care?

Dental emergencies are more frequent than you may think and they require quick professional diagnosis and treatment, because they have the potential to turn into serious problems.

At Polwarth Dental Clinic, we appreciate that some people cannot understand what constitutes a dental emergency; in any case, we suggest visiting our emergency dentist in Edinburgh even if you feel minor pain and discomfort. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Emergency Dentist in EdinburghWhat is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is a condition that requires immediate dental attention. In some cases, dental emergencies are obvious (i.e. broken or severely cracked teeth), whereas in other situations you may be experiencing pain or bleeding without being certain about the cause (i.e. abscesses). As with any medical emergency, dental emergencies should be treated within a short time frame in order to ensure that your oral health is protected. Our emergency dentist in Edinburgh will devise a thorough treatment plan aiming to alleviate your pain and protect your teeth and gums from further damage.

How do I know if I’m encountering a dental emergency?

Quite a few dental emergencies are obvious. If you see blood in your mouth and if one of your teeth has been knocked out, you should contact us without delay. Lost fillings, mild to severe toothaches, broken restorations and chipped teeth are also emergencies but depending on the pain they cause you they can wait for a few hours. Ideally, we would like to see you as soon as possible in order to assess the severity of your problem and find the best solution possible.

What should I do while waiting to be treated?

If you are waiting to receive treatment from our emergency dentist in Edinburgh, there are quite a few things you can do. If you have knocked a tooth, make sure that you keep it clean and moist (you can use a clean container or milk or keep it in your mouth). Our emergency dentist in Edinburgh will do their best to save your tooth. If you are in pain, you may take some mild painkillers cautiously but be careful not to put them directly onto your gum tissue.

Stay safe: register with our emergency dentist in Edinburgh

Taking part in sporting activities can be exhilarating, enlivening and tonnes of fun. Whether you prefer tearing round a BMX track, getting stuck into a rugby scrum or facing off in the boxing ring, the physical and mental benefits of sport are many.

Emergency Dentist in EdinburghIt’s not without risk though. If you are taking part in a contact sport, there’s always the chance that another participant, either by accident or design, could cause you injury. And even solo sports aren’t exempt from this risk: you could come flying off a trail bike or surf board and get intimately acquainted with the ground all too quickly.

If you enjoy the rush of sporting activity in and around the Scottish capital, you would be wise to have the number of our emergency dentist in Edinburgh here at the Polwarth Dental Clinic in your phone. The last thing you want in the midst of a dental emergency is to have to find a local emergency dentist in the area. If you either live, work or play in Edinburgh, save yourself the time and hassle and store the number of our emergency dentist in Edinburgh in your phone.

Our emergency dentist in Edinburgh, Dr Willie MacEachen, has seen many sporting injuries in his surgery over the years. If your tooth has been knocked out, don’t worry. There’s a good chance that Dr MacEachen will be able to reattach it. You give yourself the best chance if you can get to our practice within 2 hours of the injury.

Dr MacEachen may be able to resolve your injury at the emergency appointment; however, in the case of a knocked-out tooth, there’s the possibility that it may not go back into its socket. If this is the case, Dr MacEachen can talk to you about follow-up appointments and restorations such as crowns, bridges and dental implants.

Our emergency dentist in Edinburgh is available within working hours, Monday-Friday. But if you enjoy your sport on an evening or weekend, it’s a good idea to register with us, as you can then contact our on-call dentist outside of these times. See our ‘Emergency Dentist’ website section for more details.