When in need, call upon our emergency dentist in Edinburgh

Caring and capable


An emergency of any nature can be a distressing and mentally trying time for all of those who are involved. At Polwarth Dental Clinic, our emergency dentists in Edinburgh have been providing residents of Edinburgh with the highest level of care and attentiveness in their emergency services for years, and have seen just about every conceivable dental disaster out there. As such, they are well equipped to provide the relief that you so badly need, and will do all that is in their extensive power to restore your smile back to its former glory, as fast as they can.

365 days of service

At Polwarth Dental Clinic, we are emergency dentists in Edinburgh who will make ourselves readily available to all of our registered patients who require our emergency services – regardless of the time or the day in which an accident has taken place. Given the nature of dental emergencies – and indeed any emergency – there is never a blanket solution, and no two are the same. This is why our out-of-hours team of expert emergency dentists in Edinburgh can be reached at any hour to provide a swift and reliable service when you need it most. There is currently a call-out fee for this service, although a large deal of this sum can be reclaimed if you are a member of our clinic. In the event of a dental emergency, it is of the highest priority that you seek out the care that is needed as swiftly as you can, and through calling upon our expert emergency dentist, you can rest assured that you are doing exactly that.

Understanding indicators of a dental emergency

At Polwarth Dental Clinic, we strongly believe that understanding the indicators of a dental emergency is paramount to ensuring you have the best possible chance for treatment. Whilst dental trauma resulting in the loss of a tooth is somewhat of a more obvious dental emergency, there are numerous other indicators that are perhaps slightly more difficult to identify. One such indicator that you may require a visit to our emergency dentist at Polwarth Dental Clinic, is a swollen jaw. This is often an indicator that you could have a potentially severe infection somewhere within your jaw. If the swelling in your jaw is accompanied by a bad taste in your mouth, difficulty breathing, a fever or difficulty swallowing, we urge you to seek out the help of one of our emergency dentists immediately. An infection within your saliva gland prevents it from breaking down food and bacteria and such a blockage – if left untreated swiftly, can sometimes manifest into a far more serious health concern. This is why if you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, we urge you not to hesitate and to call one of our expert, fully trained and proficient emergency dental specialists to arrange a full examination. In doing so, you may prevent a potentially serious infection from developing. If ever you are unsure about something which may be an indicator of a dental emergency, just visit our practice at Polwarth Dental Clinic to have a consultation or examination arranged by one of our committed staff, to help you take control of the problem and stop it before it can become anything worse.

Know when to call upon an emergency dentist in Edinburgh

Help at a time when you most need it


At Polwarth Dental Clinic, we are an emergency dentist in Edinburgh whose primary goal is to provide emergency dental care and relief to those who need it most. We understand that trauma of any sort to your teeth can be one of the most gruelling and painful experiences during which you may feel there is no relief in sight. However, by recognising the right warning signs, and knowing exactly when to call upon our emergency dentist in Edinburgh, we feel that we can get each of our patients back on track and smiling again in the swiftest possible time frame. Our committed and dedicated team of emergency dental specialists have seen it all over the years, and can adapt to provide care to patients who are experiencing dental trauma in all its forms. The most important responsibility, we believe, lies on the patient, recognising when to contact us and seek out our help.

Recognising a dental emergency

Far too often, patients suffer from dental trauma, but do not seek out the aid of our emergency dentist in Edinburgh out of sheer ignorance or fear of what treatment may entail. Those who do suffer from dental trauma, but refrain from seeking out the much needed aid, can often find it to have seriously damaging long-term effects on their overall dental health, often extending into other parts of their bodies. This is why we urge each of our patients to look out for the distinct warning signs of a dental emergency, so they are fully aware of when to call upon us here at Polwarth Dental Clinic.

Telltale signs

One of the most recognisable signs that you are in need of an emergency dentist is a loose or wobbly tooth. As an adult, your teeth ought to be firmly embedded within your gums on a permanent basis. If you have experienced dental trauma as a result of a slip or accident, and notice that your tooth is loose, then it is imperative that you contact us here at Polwarth Dental Clinic immediately, to maximise the possibility of reaching the tooth root and ensuring the structural integrity of your teeth remains intact. Another reason as to why your tooth may be loose could be because of a localised infection, which may be the result of periodontal disease or another underlying dental health issue. Which is why it is of utmost importance that patients seek out an emergency dentist immediately if they notice a loose tooth.


Toothache is another, more common form of dental trauma. It happens to most adults from time to time, but is not something which ought to be overlooked. Whilst minor toothache is generally no cause for concern, if it is severe then patients must call our emergency dental experts here at Polwarth Dental Clinic immediately. We believe that prevention is the best form of treatment against toothache in any form, however we also recognise that this is not always entirely possible. Poor oral hygiene, and activities such as smoking or poor dietary habits can often result in toothache. Toothache is usually an indicator that there is something wrong with the interior of a patient’s tooth, and that they ought to seek out the help of their dentist. If the toothache is severe and sudden however, it is just cause for seeking out emergency dental work to address the problem swiftly.  

Help when you need it most, through an emergency dentist in Edinburgh

Prevention is the best medicine


Here at Polwarth Dental Clinic, we are strong believers that preventing a trip to the dentist is the best possible dental procedure. By educating our patients on proper oral hygiene habits and techniques, it is our aim to minimise the number of return visits to our practice that they have to make. That being said, we also understand that some aspects of our care are outside the control of our patients. If you take a spill on some ice, or in the shower (or anywhere for that matter) and suffer dental trauma, then it is of the absolute utmost importance that you seek out our emergency dentist in Edinburgh, to get you fixed up as soon as possible and minimise the risk of any further damage.

What do I do if a tooth has been lost?

Your tooth structure is one of the strongest parts of your body, and in an adult’s mouth, teeth ought never to loosen or wobble. If, in the worst possible scenario, you have suffered severe dental trauma from falling over (doing one of the hundreds of activities which may result in you falling over) and your tooth has been lost, here is what to do. Firstly, we urge you to contact our emergency dentist in Edinburgh as swiftly as possible, and inform us of the situation so we can prepare for your arrival. Then, providing the tooth has remained intact after falling out, we recommend that you pick it up by the crown – not the root – before washing it gently in milk, or saline to remove any foreign objects. Then we recommend that, if it is at all possible, and however grisly it may seem, you place the tooth back into your mouth within the space from which it has been removed. The natural saliva in your mouth will help moisten the tooth and boost the chances of successful re-attachment. If this cannot happen, then place the tooth in a glass of milk. Then you must seek out our emergency dentist in Edinburgh in approximately 30 minutes to allow for our experts to successfully re-attach the tooth and provide pain relief if needed.

Recognising the signs

Here at Polwarth Dental Clinic, we feel that having a good, solid understanding of key indicators that you may need to visit an emergency dentist is one of the best tools to maintain your oral health. One of the most common indicators of gingivitis is bleeding when flossing. This is not usually a red flag, although it may mean that you ought to improve your brushing habits or change to a medicated mouthwash. However, if the bleeding from your gums is heavy, persistent and leaves your gums red and inflamed then it may be an indicator of periodontal disease (or gum disease). Unlike gingivitis, periodontal disease is a far more severe form of oral disease and the number one leading cause of adult tooth loss across the country. If you recognise the signs of periodontal disease, then a visit to an emergency dentist could help determine what stage the disease has reached, and refer you to a gum disease specialist who will do all that they can to reverse the effects and get your smile back as quickly as they can.

The best way to avoid seeing an emergency dentist

At Polwarth Dental Clinic we have a highly trained Emergency Dentist in Edinburgh to provide urgent dental care to patients when they require it.  Our Emergency Dentist in Edinburgh has the required training, skills, and knowledge to offer treatment quickly and effectively to ease the pain and discomfort resulting from the dental emergency.  While no one can completely prevent a dental emergency, especially as accidents do happen without prior warning, there are ways to reduce the likelihood of one occurring.


At Polwarth Dental Clinic we are ideally placed to offer general dental care as well as reliable emergency dentistry by a qualified  Emergency Dentist in Edinburgh.

How to reduce having to visit the dentist for urgent dental care

  •  Take proper care of your dental health

Tooth pain, painful swollen gums, and chipped or cracked teeth are types of dental emergencies that can be prevented provided a patient follows a recommended oral care plan.  Included in this plan are ways to effectively keep the mouth clean, and to have a professional dental check-up on a regular basis.  A commendable oral hygiene routine is critical to reduce cavities from forming.

  •  To wear protective dental instruments

There are purposeful dental instruments available that are focused on protecting teeth from damage: fractures, chips and cracks.  Wearing mouth guards are especially important for patients who play sports as these protect against teeth fractures, or teeth being knocked out.

Another type of protective device is the mouth guard, to be used at night by patients who grind their teeth in their sleep.  Teeth grinding can be the cause of a number of dental concerns and a patient is encouraged to find treatments that help with this problem.

Often it is the case that a dentist advises a patient to wear aligners after receiving orthodontic treatment successfully.  It is important for the patient to do as directed to protect the results of braces treatment.

  •  Use teeth for the purposes they are naturally designed for

Chips and cracks are not only caused by accidents but also from habits that are best avoided.  These habits include using teeth for other purposes (opening bottle caps, tearing open wrappings, etc.) that they are not designed for.  A fractured tooth may not directly produce tooth pain but it is still considered an emergency that needs timely dental care as cracks in the outer layer of the enamel allows germs and bacteria to access the vulnerable inner layers of the tooth, where much harm can be caused.

  • Consume a healthy diet

Dental health is directly influenced by the types of foods and beverages a patient consumes. The better the nutrient-rich types of foods one eats, the better a patient can protect their oral health. 

By making it a priority to take care of your teeth, you can avoid those common situations that result in dental emergencies.  For urgent dental care, or for regular dental services, set up at an appointment at Polwarth Dental Clinic.

What are the reasons to visit an emergency dentist?

Patients often ask about the difference between a general dental practitioner and an Emergency Dentist in Edinburgh.  There are a few differences we would like to draw your attention to.  The first and foremost difference is the additional training an Emergency Dentist in Edinburgh receives to treat a variety of dental emergency situations.  These situations range from debilitating tooth pain to oral injuries.

Emergency Dentist in Edinburgh

Through their training, an Emergency Dentist in Edinburgh is best placed to assess the patient’s dental emergency and provide suitable treatment.  Different types of dental emergencies require different approaches.  Severe injuries may necessitate a surgical procedure.

Unlike facial injuries that so obviously indicate the need for urgent professional dental care, it can be difficult for a patient to determine whether their dental need is an urgent one or not.  There are those situations that are indeed dental emergencies but are not identified by a patient as such.  It is of the utmost importance that a patient is able to determine when urgent dental care is required and when it is okay to wait to see a regular dentist.  Not taking action in a timely manner may make the situation worse.

 Situations that necessitate a trip to the emergency dentist

 1.        A tooth is knocked out

Patients rarely seem to consider this a serious issue but it is.  More often than not, seeking urgent dental care can save the tooth which can be reinserted.  This would save the patient from the expense of replacing a natural tooth with an artificial one.  If the tooth is not saved and the patient chooses not to replace it with a tooth restoration treatment, this will threaten the integrity of the dental arch.  Resolving these issues will also be a costly one.

2.         Fractured teeth

Like a missing tooth, tooth fractures aren’t seen in a serious light.  But it should be. Any chips or cracks magnify the likelihood of an infection setting in.  Unless dealt with quickly, the consequences of tooth fractures can progress to the eventual decay and loss of the tooth.

 3.        Persistent toothaches

Ignoring toothaches (as much as one is able to withstand the pain) is ill-advised.  Any type of pain or discomfort is a warning signal alerting the patient to the fact that something is wrong, and that medical attention is needed.  Toothaches that go untreated can result in the formation of a dental abscess which produces excruciating pain.

Preventive dental care remains the patients’ most reliable option to prevent dental emergencies from occurring.  There are many tips to help a patient work towards this objective from maintaining consistent oral hygiene practices, to eating a nutritionally-balanced diet.

We advise patients to always follow up an emergency dental procedure with a check-up with their regular dental practitioner.  At Polwarth Dental Clinic we provide quality emergency dental care and a diverse range of general dental services that protect overall dental health.

How to choose an emergency dentist

There are two dental philosophies we like to encourage at Polwarth Dental Clinic: prevention and planning.  Both are relevant to dealing with dental emergencies – situations that usually announce themselves when patients least expect them.


Prevention refers to all those ways that help a patient reduce the likelihood of requiring the services of an Emergency Dentist in Edinburgh outside of an unforeseen accident.

Planning is implementing certain steps that make the process of obtaining timely dental care easier and quicker.  One of these critical steps is choosing a reliable Emergency Dentist in Edinburgh.

Choosing an Emergency Dentist in Edinburgh only when urgent dental care is needed is a disadvantage for the patient.  The patient may not find the best quality care that they deserve. Secondly, valuable time can be lost finding an emergency dentist which may mean a tooth can no longer be saved, and the longer it takes for the patient to receive treatment, the longer they will have to endure the pain and discomfort.

 //What to look for in an emergency dentist//

  •  Look at the operating hours of an emergency dentist

It is in the nature of an emergency that the situation arises without notice and not within the regular operating hours of a dental clinic.  A tooth can be knocked out as easily during the night as it can during daylight hours.  Not all emergency dentists are available at similar times, so factoring in this aspect is important.

  • The location of the dental clinic

It is always ideal to find a dental clinic offering emergency dental care that is nearest to the patient’s home. The benefit of this is quicker and convenient access to dental care when time is a critical factor.

  •  The training and experience of the dental practitioner in reference to urgent dental care

Treating dental emergency situations requires a special set of skills and knowledge that are provided to dental practitioners who opt to provide emergency dental care.  The more experience the dental practitioner has, the more able they are to deal with a wide range of issues.

  •  Do they treat patients of all ages?

This is an important criterion for families.  An emergency dentist who can treat all the members of a family should be the top preference.

  •  The procedure involved in the treatment process

A patient will want to choose a dental clinic that has a streamlined process in place for dental emergencies.  It is easy to find out information about the procedure to be followed by giving our front office a call.

  • How comfortable and confident does a patient feel in the dental clinic?

Relying on information provided online or over the telephone is not how to choose an emergency dentist.  It is always a good idea to pay the dental clinic a personal to check out the environment.  This will help to assure a patient that it is a suitable facility that will provide quality dental care.

Don’t wait until a crisis happens before looking for emergency dental care. Find out how we, at Polwarth Dental Clinic, can help by getting in touch with us today.

How our emergency dentist in Edinburgh can help with severe toothache

Toothache is a fairly common dental problem and the majority of our patients may encounter it at some point in their lives. It’s generally caused by the tooth becoming compromised in some way, either through poor oral maintenance allowing cavities to form, or in some cases a severe infection creating havoc with the inner pulp or root of the tooth.


If you’re experiencing some particular nasty discomfort in your teeth and you’re not sure what to do, then here’s how our emergency dentist in Edinburgh could help you.

Diagnose the source of discomfort

One of the first steps our emergency dentist in Edinburgh will usually take when our patients come in to the practice with severe or intense toothache, is to try to diagnose the source of your pain. This could be in the form of a visual and physical inspection of the teeth and gums for signs of infection or inflammation.

If there are none present they may also perform X-rays of the area to check that the inside of the tooth or the bone is not at risk as well.

 Provide antibiotics

Generally removing a tooth is our last resort, so our emergency team may work in tandem with your GP to provide a course of antibiotics to fight and hopefully reduce the signs of any infection that could be putting your teeth and gums at risk. Usually antibiotics are prescribed for a few days to see how the infection takes to them and to allow your regular dentist to have a look at the problem.

Extraction of the compromised tooth

In the event that the antibiotics don’t take or if a tooth is too far gone and it’s starting to put other teeth, your gums or potentially even the bone of your jaw at risk, then an extraction is usually the goal. This can be performed by our emergency team or your regular dentist depending on the case.

Should the tooth need to be pulled then we would normally provide a local anaesthetic to numb the area first. At Polwarth Dental Clinic our talented team of emergency practitioners will try to limit any discomfort felt during your extraction as much as they possibly can, to make the removal of a troublesome tooth a little easier for you.

Referral to specialist practitioners

Although it is rare, there may be instances when we would refer you to outside specialists for treatment or for more complicated techniques.

For example, if a patient required a stronger anaesthetic for the procedure involved in removing or trying to save a tooth. In the event that you require a referral then we would normally discuss this with you beforehand to find the approach that works well for your particular problem.

These are just a few of the various ways in which our emergency team can help with a tooth that’s causing you severe pain. For further advice on how we can help with toothache or to schedule an appointment for your own dental discomfort, then get in touch with our team at the practice as soon as you can.

Steps to take when visiting our emergency dentist in Edinburgh

Although you can try to keep your teeth intact and safe, at some point in your life there is going to come a time when you will need to get in touch with our emergency dentist in Edinburgh for help. When that happens for the first time it can seem a little nerve-racking as you may not know what to do.


To make things a little less stressful in what may seem like a nightmare scenario, we’ve provided a handy guide of things to do before and after you get in touch with our team.

Be certain that it’s an emergency

The first, and perhaps the most important piece of advice we can provide, is to be completely sure that the problem you have qualifies as something our emergency dentist in Edinburgh needs to see right away.

In most cases the issue you may be facing could be something not as serious as you first thought and your regular dentist could fix at a scheduled appointment a few days later. Generally you should give us a call right away if there’s excessive damage to or loss of a tooth, bleeding, signs of an infection or an intense and prolonged pain in your teeth and gums.

Book an appointment right away

After figuring out that your situation warrants immediate aid, you should get in touch with the practice right away. The sooner you can book an appointment with our emergency team the quicker we can fix your tooth troubles and in some cases time can play a big factor on how much of your teeth we can save.

For example, if there’s an infection the longer you leave it untreated the more it can start to pose a risk to other teeth, your gums or even the bone. So as soon as you see something serious, give us a call.

Collect any damage

In the event that a tooth has become badly damaged or worse, knocked out or dislodged in some way then you should try to recover as much of the original tooth as you can.

Depending on the amount of damage you may be able to just pop it back, or if it won’t go back in then just store it in a saline solution or a glass of milk before you come see us. At Polwarth Dental Clinic our emergency team will use their vast knowledge and experience to try and repair as much of the damage as they possibly can, to help give you back that healthy and flawless smile in no time at all.

Make sure you have transport home

In some cases your emergency treatment may involve the use of anaesthetic, so make sure that you have someone to take you home afterwards.

Follow up with your regular dentist

After your treatment you should schedule an appointment with your regular dentist to check on the repairs, or for them to provide a more permanent solution to your dental problem.

These are just a few things you can do to make your trip to our emergency team a little less stressful. If you think your current situation warrants immediate treatment, then get in touch with the practice right away.

What qualifies a visit to our emergency dentist?

Knowing when to get in touch with our team in an emergency can be quite tricky, as often you may think the problem you’re facing could be easily addressed by your regular dentist at a regularly scheduled appointment later on. So to make things a little easier for our patients who might be worried about a particular dental issue, here are a few examples from our emergency dentist in Edinburgh about when you should immediately get in contact with us.


Signs of infection or inflammation

One item on our list of situations when you need to get in touch with our emergency dentist in Edinburgh is if your gums seem swollen and inflamed, or if there are signs of an infection setting in. Gum disease can cause a lot of oral health issues that include the loss of teeth and even bone in some cases, so the quicker any potential infection is spotted and treated, the better your chances of saving your smile will be.

Severe damage to the teeth

A fairly common reason for getting in touch with our emergency team is if there’s any severe or excessive damage caused to the teeth. This is commonly caused through accident or injuries and in most cases the tooth can be restored.

But in some cases the damage may be to such an extent, that the tooth is no longer protected from outside bacteria and because of this our emergency team would need to fit a temporary repair on top of your tooth. This should then keep it safe and sterile until your regular dentist can then see to it and provide a proper fix for the damage. At Polwarth Dental Clinic our team of highly trained dentists will be able to repair any damage sustained and restore your teeth to give you that strong and healthy looking smile you deserve.

The loss of a tooth

Losing a tooth is fairly common and most people at some point in their life may encounter a situation where one of their pearly whites is knocked out for a short time. If this happens then try to find the tooth and call our emergency number as, depending on the state of the tooth and the site it was knocked out from, we may be able to simply reinsert it. But do it fast, as the longer you leave it out the more the tooth will degrade and eventually we may not be able to put it back.

Intense or constant toothache

A sharp or prolonged pain in your teeth that lasts more than 24 hours could be a sign of gum disease or a problem with the root that needs to be taken care of immediately.

Bleeding gums

Bleeding in your gums can commonly be a sign of gum disease and in most situations it can clear up with a change to your dental cleaning routine. However, if the bleeding persists or is of a substantial volume then there may be a more serious issue present that we will need to immediately diagnose.

In closing, these are only a few cases of when you should get in touch with our emergency team. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms that we have mentioned above, then you should get in touch with our practice as soon as you possibly can.

Meet the team at our Polwarth emergency dentist in Edinburgh

Our team consists of a wide array of dental professionals, each of whom are committed and passionate about delivering a high standard of dental care. Our modern dental clinic as well as our clean dental environment helps our patients feel at ease, and we are always on hand to answer any of our patients’ queries or concerns. Just one example of our fantastic dental team is our emergency dentist clinical director Willie Maceachen. Our emergency dentist in Edinburgh also boasts several dental nurses, an implantologist, as well as a specialist dental hygienist. All of our dental healthcare professionals have received further postgraduate study, ensuring they are delivering your dental care to the highest available standard.


What do our patients say about our emergency dentist in Edinburgh ?

At our clinic we understand that choosing a dentist can be tough, which is why we appreciate the value of patient reviews, and testimonials. Located on our website, we have a number of examples of our happy patients, as well as a video review from one of our many satisfied patients.

Where can I access other reviews?

Don’t just take our word for it! If you want to see more examples of our excellent reviews, you can access these via google reviews.

A calm dental environment

Your first appointment at a new dentist can be intimidating, especially if you are a patient who experiences anxiety within a dental environment. We fully appreciate that many individuals may suffer from a dental phobia, this may be triggered by negative childhood experiences, and can unfortunately be carried into adulthood. At our clinic, we aim to create a relaxed dental environment, whilst always listening to your voiced dental concerns,and dealing with them accordingly.

You are not alone

Dental anxiety is by no means uncommon, and can be experienced by many individuals. If you are a patient suffering from feelings of anxiety, it is important to remember you are not alone. Each member of our team prides themselves on their excellent customer service, ensuring you feel welcome as soon as you enter our clinic. Located on our website, we display many images of our dental clinic, as well as a virtual tour, this ensures our nervous patients can feel at ease and have a sense of familiarity when visiting our clinic.

What to expect from your initial visit to Polwarth Dental Clinic

During your first appointment you may be asked to complete a short questionnaire, as well as a dental health check, we also give our patients the opportunity to complete these forms online, in order to save time. Your dentist may ask you about the dental treatment you are looking to receive, as well as giving you sound advice regarding the best treatment choice for you. A dental examination will also be given to ensure the teeth and gums are healthy, and any existing crowns, implants, or fillings are in good condition. A mouth cancer screening may be suggested for your peace of mind, which is an extremely quick and simple process.