Emergency Dentistry


    CALL US NOW ON 0131 229 8143.

    Do you need an emergency dentist in Edinburgh?

    Polwarth Dental Clinic offers same day emergency appointments to patients and non-patients of the practice. If you are in pain or if you've had an accident, call us now on 0131 229 8143. Our team are fully qualified in dealing with dental emergencies and we always endeavour to rectify your dental problem on the day. Occasionally, for more complex emergencies this may not always be possible, in which case we will do our best to make sure you are pain free before leaving our clinic. We care passionately about all of our patients and we never go home until all of our emergencies are dealt with!

    Patients and non-patients please call the Polwarth Dental Clinic on 0131 229 8143 as soon as possible during practice opening hours and we will endeavour to see you on the same day.

    Out of Hours Emergencies

    Registered Patients of Polwarth Dental Clinic

    If you are a registered patient of Polwarth Dental Clinic and you need urgent attention out of surgery hours, please call the practice and listen to the answer machine instructions for our on call dentist. This out of hours emergency service is available to all our patients, 365 days per year, for a call out fee of £135.

    Non-Registered Patients

    If you require an emergency dentist outside of Polwarth Dental Clinics working hours please call the NHS 24 helpline on 111.

    Members of our Practice Plan

    For members of the Polwarth Dental Group Membership Plan, there is no charge for emergency appointments. Any treatment needed will be charged with the usual 10% discount. Out of hours, members can telephone the emergency telephone number, which can be found on the back of your membership card.

    Advice for a knocked out tooth

    • Hold it by the tooth, not the root.
    • Lick the tooth/root clean if it's dirty, or rinse in milk (not water).
    • Push the tooth back into the hole it came out of (adult teeth only – never try to re-insert a baby tooth).
    • Place a clean handkerchief over the tooth and gently bite together.
    • Call for dental advice immediately.

    • If you are unable to replace the tooth in the socket then store the tooth inside of the cheek i.e. in saliva or store in milk NEVER WATER. Seek urgent advice from a dentist.

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