Why seeking reliable treatment from an emergency dentist is so important

What is the best way to prepare for a dental emergency? You are already in pain and the last thing you would want is an unpleasant dental experience at a dental clinic you are not familiar with to make matters worse. The first step begins before a situation occurs which is to find a suitably qualified and experienced dental practitioner who will be there for you when you require urgent dental attention. One you already know and trust.


Our emergency dentist in Edinburgh at Polwarth Dental Clinic has the relevant experience and set of skills to handle dental emergencies. We know that dental emergencies can be an incredibly stressful and anxiety-ridden time, which is why the dedicated efforts of our emergency dentist in Edinburgh are focused on providing patients with much needed relief as quickly as possible.

Seeking professional treatment for a dental emergency is critically important to not only find relief from pain, but to also prevent the dental issue from escalating, resulting in long-term consequences to dental health, prolonged treatment plans and extra expense. Here are further reasons why visiting our emergency dentist in Edinburgh to treat your dental emergency is so important.

Benefits of dental emergency care

  • Know the extent of the dental issue

It is only when you see a dentist experienced in treating dental emergencies are you able to learn the full extent of the problem. Our highly capable emergency dentist will conduct a full assessment of the problem and make suggestions as to immediate and any possible further treatments.

  • Strengthen the chances of saving a tooth

Many patients make the error of thinking a knocked out tooth is no big deal. This is far from the truth as having a single tooth missing from the dental arch can adversely impact oral health in terms of function and aesthetics. Immediate dental care from an experienced practitioner heightens the possibility of a tooth that has fallen out being saved. The advantages of this includes saving the patient from the unexpected expense of needing further treatment to replace a missing tooth with a suitable dental device.

  • Stop the spread of an infection

Tooth and gum infections can be the cause of discomfort and pain that can disrupt a patient’s daily life, which is why dental practitioners encourage patients suffering these conditions to treat them as dental emergencies. Urgent dental care to treat mouth infections provide two main benefits: relief from discomfort and prevention of the infection worsening and causing more damage by spreading deeper into the body.

  • Get back to a normal life

Nothing can keep someone from their daily activities quite like pain and discomfort from a dental issue that can make simple tasks like speaking and eating unbearable. Proper professional dental care from our dedicated emergency dentist is best; to encourage a fast, complete recovery in order to get back on track in resuming daily activities.

If you need to know what our working hours are or to learn more about our dental emergency services reach out to us at Polwarth Dental Clinic.