Why an emergency dentist is a patient’s best hope in a dental emergency

Dental emergencies vary in levels of seriousness and there is very little that prevents a patient from imagining the worst possible scenario without the professional attention of our highly capable emergency dentist in Edinburgh to diagnose the problem.


It is a common error for patients to delay finding a dental clinic offering emergency dental care until an unfortunate occasion arises. We advise against this as, when in the midst of a dental emergency, a patient runs the risk of relying on the wrong type of help in the effort to find quick relief, as there is very little room to carry out adequate research to ensure the health practitioner has the required skills and experience needed.

At Polwarth Dental Clinic we have included emergency dental care as one of our mainstream dental services, because we acknowledge that emergency dentistry is a patient’s best hope to find relief quickly and ease their stress and anxieties. There is much more to benefit from with a visit to our emergency dentist in Edinburgh

Key benefits of emergency dentistry

Reliable pain relief

Patients may think to skip out on professional dental care in the hopes that over-the-counter medication may, at best, dull the pain experienced, but they cannot address the root cause of the pain which is what is needed to stop the progression of the problem. The immediate concern of our emergency dentist in Edinburgh is to alleviate the cause of the patient’s pain and ensure patient comfort. Once these steps have been taken, we will make a reliable diagnosis of the problem and suggest all available treatment methods to correct it.

Gain information

A patient is not able to tell the full extent of a dental problem by observing the pain alone. Only a complete assessment by a professional emergency dentist can provide reliable information on whether the pain is a result of a small concern which is easily resolved or a bigger issue which may require additional treatment.

Big or small, treating a dental emergency is best left in the hands of our emergency dentist who has the right set of credentials (experience, knowledge and skills) and tools with which to prevent small and big issues from escalating to cause major undesirable consequences.

Quicker recovery

Pain in the mouth can cause loss of quality sleep and difficulties in speaking and eating, not to mention being unable to carry out everyday activities. Professional dental care allows one to recover quicker and get back into a normal routine again. Leaving a problem such as a toothache to go untreated in the hope it will just disappear is ill advised, as the problem will keep reoccurring with the situation escalating over time only for a patient to find that now there is a much more serious dental problem to treat.

Finding the right assistance in a dental emergency is critical which is why at Polwarth Dental Clinic we have a qualified and well-trained emergency dentist experienced in many types of emergency dental care treatments. Reach out to us for an appointment should you experience sudden tooth pain, experience a facial injury or damage your dentures, we will be happy to help.