When to call the emergency dentist in Edinburgh

If you’ve damaged one or two teeth by accident, or if you suddenly begin to experience severe toothache, it is very important that you see a dentist as soon as you can. Whether a tooth is chipped, broken, or knocked out completely, the best thing to do is to seek treatment quickly.

Care and coverage

Emergency Dentist in EdinburghAt Polwarth Clinic our emergency dentist in Edinburgh, will work with speed and efficiency to look after your dental health and comfort. We are experienced in a large range of dental emergencies and take a thorough approach to your treatment. This generally involves the following stages:

  • A detailed examination of the area affected by your accident. Dental x-rays may be used to make sure the full extent of the damage is taken into account;
  • Local anaesthetic may be used to numb the problem area, depending on how bad the pain is;
  • Sterilisation of the affected tooth or region will make sure the risk of infection is minimised;
  • Temporary or permanent repairs will be made on the damaged teeth, where possible;
  • Severely affected teeth may be extracted, and the dentist will discuss suitable implant treatments.

All situations

Dental emergencies can come in many forms. You might have a chipped tooth, a lost filling, an abscess, a broken crown, a worrying facial swelling, or the severe discomfort of an aching tooth. Whatever it is, the team of dental professionals at Polwarth Dental Clinic have the experience necessary to put you at your ease. We always attempt to provide a solution on the same day we see you. We endeavour to quickly establish a treatment that leads to effective healing. By minimising the risk of future complications in this way, we look after your long-term dental wellbeing.

Benefits and reassurance

When you ask Polwarth Dental Clinic to provide you with an emergency dentist in Edinburgh, we will do more than just repair the damage. We will also preserve your remaining tooth structure where possible, reduce the risk of infection in your mouth, and make a long-term improvement to your overall oral health. So don’t delay, call today if you have a dental emergency.