What are the benefits of receiving care from our emergency dentist?

Trying to get back to their normal daily routine is nearly impossible for any patient experiencing the pain and discomfort of a dental emergency. The pain can be too distracting to allow one to sleep properly or eat or talk, or even smile. Finding relief from pain is certainly a top most priority for patients, which is best provided by seeking professional attention from our emergency dentist in Edinburgh. However, there are other equally desirable advantages of quality urgent dental care services. 


At Polwarth Dental Clinic we acknowledge that a dental emergency can be the cause of undue stress and anxiety which is why we include emergency dental care as a core part of our service menu. Our emergency dentist in Edinburgh has the exact skill set – qualifications, real-world practical experience, friendly chairside manner and relevant skills – to ensure dental emergencies are treated with the utmost care and consideration. How can our emergency dentist in Edinburgh help you? We look at the various ways.

Why we practise emergency dental care

To determine full extent of the damage

Dental emergencies can vary in seriousness and a patient is not able to determine just at what level of seriousness without the knowledgeable attentions of our emergency dentists. A knocked out tooth, for example, can have far more serious consequences than at first imagined. The gap left open by a single tooth can cause an undesirable chain of events, including adjacent teeth moving out of position and the deterioration of jawbone density that will result in more expensive treatment to resolve.

To save a valuable tooth from being lost

Each tooth is valued in the dental arch. In addition to the risk to tooth structure, a lost tooth can create challenges to bite and chewing function as well as detract from a pleasing confident smile. To replace a tooth that is not saved, a patient will have to incur the further expense of missing teeth replacement treatment plans. This can all be avoided by allowing our emergency dentist the opportunity to save a knocked out tooth while it is still possible (there is a small window period that makes this attainable).

To ease patient pain sooner

In many instances over-the-counter, pain-relieving medications aren’t effective enough in providing relief from pain caused by a dental emergency. Our dental practitioner experienced in emergency dental care can zero in on the root of the problem quite quickly and take appropriate steps to quell the pain and provide any further treatment that is needed. Starting timely treatment ends in a patient healing faster.

To limit the risk of further complications

The one thing that failure to seek timely care from a professional emergency dentist does is to complicate an already worrying situation. Appropriate dental treatment will help contain the problem and stop it from escalating and cause other unwanted consequences. The decision to seek urgent dental care reduces the risk of further complications and saves the patient from having to spend more money on dental care.

Look no further than Polwarth Dental Clinic for a quality emergency dental care experience. Give us a call to find out what our working hours are.