The best way to avoid seeing an emergency dentist

At Polwarth Dental Clinic we have a highly trained Emergency Dentist in Edinburgh to provide urgent dental care to patients when they require it.  Our Emergency Dentist in Edinburgh has the required training, skills, and knowledge to offer treatment quickly and effectively to ease the pain and discomfort resulting from the dental emergency.  While no one can completely prevent a dental emergency, especially as accidents do happen without prior warning, there are ways to reduce the likelihood of one occurring.


At Polwarth Dental Clinic we are ideally placed to offer general dental care as well as reliable emergency dentistry by a qualified  Emergency Dentist in Edinburgh.

How to reduce having to visit the dentist for urgent dental care

  •  Take proper care of your dental health

Tooth pain, painful swollen gums, and chipped or cracked teeth are types of dental emergencies that can be prevented provided a patient follows a recommended oral care plan.  Included in this plan are ways to effectively keep the mouth clean, and to have a professional dental check-up on a regular basis.  A commendable oral hygiene routine is critical to reduce cavities from forming.

  •  To wear protective dental instruments

There are purposeful dental instruments available that are focused on protecting teeth from damage: fractures, chips and cracks.  Wearing mouth guards are especially important for patients who play sports as these protect against teeth fractures, or teeth being knocked out.

Another type of protective device is the mouth guard, to be used at night by patients who grind their teeth in their sleep.  Teeth grinding can be the cause of a number of dental concerns and a patient is encouraged to find treatments that help with this problem.

Often it is the case that a dentist advises a patient to wear aligners after receiving orthodontic treatment successfully.  It is important for the patient to do as directed to protect the results of braces treatment.

  •  Use teeth for the purposes they are naturally designed for

Chips and cracks are not only caused by accidents but also from habits that are best avoided.  These habits include using teeth for other purposes (opening bottle caps, tearing open wrappings, etc.) that they are not designed for.  A fractured tooth may not directly produce tooth pain but it is still considered an emergency that needs timely dental care as cracks in the outer layer of the enamel allows germs and bacteria to access the vulnerable inner layers of the tooth, where much harm can be caused.

  • Consume a healthy diet

Dental health is directly influenced by the types of foods and beverages a patient consumes. The better the nutrient-rich types of foods one eats, the better a patient can protect their oral health. 

By making it a priority to take care of your teeth, you can avoid those common situations that result in dental emergencies.  For urgent dental care, or for regular dental services, set up at an appointment at Polwarth Dental Clinic.