Seek urgent medical care with the help of an emergency dentist in Edinburgh

If you find yourself subject to a medical-dental emergency, fear not as we offer medical attention and assistance on the same day to both new and existing patients. At Polwarth Dental Clinic our patient’s well being is of utmost importance to us and as a result, we have an emergency dentist on hand to assist you Monday through to Sunday every day of the week.


We also want to ensure our dental practice facilities are equipped to cater to all our patient’s needs and have made our practice wheelchair accessible and include ground floor surgeries.

Your oral health and wellbeing are important to us, and we strive to ensure that our dedicated team is on hand to assist you with any emergency, offering immediate medical care and support.

Visit our dental practice in Polwarth Gardens

If you’re looking to find a new local dentist or would like to find a dental practice that offers the service of an emergency dentist in Edinburgh look no further than Polwarth Dental Clinic. Our practice is conveniently located close to the high street and easily accessible by transport links. We welcome new and existing patients to our practice.

If you or your loved ones find yourself in a situation that requires urgent care, our highly skilled team is on hand to offer urgent medical assistance on the same day.

What kind of dental emergency requires urgent care?

In some instances, medical emergencies that are not severe can be dealt with the following day but in other cases, there are instances where immediate medical care is advised. To determine whether your circumstance requires immediate attention or whether or not you can hold off on making an appointment to see an emergency dentist in Edinburgh we recommend determining the nature of the incident to determine the level of risk attached to the nature of the injury. For example, for those patients that have been in a car accident or a sports-related incident and are experiencing signs of swelling, it will require emergency care. Any signs of swelling should not be considered lightly and can lead to minor injuries becoming worse.

If you are experiencing any complications or side effects following a tooth extraction procedure, we also recommend seeking urgent assistance with a visit to our emergency dentist at the practice.

Visit our practice for urgent medical care following a missing tooth or lost crown

A visit with our emergency dentist is highly recommended for those patients that have lost a tooth or had a tooth knocked out. This could be as a result of a variety of reasons including involvement in a car accident, sports-related accident or even a physical altercation.

If you or your loved one has a tooth that has been knocked out, we recommend storing it in milk in order to maintain the tooth before seeking urgent medical care. Alternatively, patients can re-insert the tooth back into the socket temporarily before attending our practice to seek additional assistance. For those patients that have lost a crown or filling, we advise contacting our dental practice for an emergency consultation as leaving this untreated could result in complications down the line.