Receive immediate attention with a visit to an emergency dentist in Edinburgh

For those of you who find yourself thrust into a medical emergency, Polwarth Dental Clinic is on hand to assist you every step of the way. In addition to general dentistry, we feature an emergency dentist in Edinburgh to help on the same day for any dental emergency you or your loved ones may find yourselves subject to. The great news is that we strive to offer same-day assistance to our existing patients as well as any new patients who are yet to sign up with our practice in Edinburgh.


At Polwarth Dental Clinic the health and wellbeing of all our patients play a vital role in the ethos of our practice and as a result, offer the opportunity to book an appointment with our emergency dentist in Edinburgh throughout the week from Monday through to Sunday.

In an effort to make our dental practice as easily accessible as possible we have also equipped it to be wheelchair friendly and offer the option to have any surgeries performed on the ground floor catering to all patients.

If you find yourself in a position where you need urgent medical care, fear not as Polwarth Dental Clinic and our dedicated team of dental practitioners are here to help you and your loved ones.

Visit our modern practice rooms located in Polwarth Gardens

Here at Polwarth Dental Clinic, we offer the service of a general dentist as well as that of an emergency dentist in Edinburgh. Our rooms are situated nearby to the local high street and can be easily accessed through various transport links in the area. We look forward to welcoming our existing patients as well as any new faces looking to find a new dental practice in Polwarth.

What dental emergencies would require immediate attention and care?

Did you know that not all dental emergencies require immediate attention and in some minor cases, the patient can seek treatment the following day? At Polwarth Dental Clinic your wellbeing is important to us, so we do encourage you to contact our practice with your queries to determine the severity of your case. Prevention is a lot easier to manage than finding a cure or treatment for a dental issue, so we do encourage patients to be responsible and to seek medical care in order to address any emergency injuries sustained.

For any patients who have been victims of a car accident or those that have experienced an injury due to a sports accident and have noticed the appearance of swelling near or around the injured area we highly recommend seeking professional help from our staff.

It’s also important to note that for any patient that experiences swelling following a tooth extraction, we advise that you seek urgent assistance at our practice.

Seek immediate attention for a crown that is missing or a lost tooth

We would also like to inform patients that in the instance of having a lost tooth or having had a crown fall out it’s important that you seek out a visit with our emergency dentist. Simply store the tooth in milk in order to preserve it until you reach our practice rooms, and we will be able to assist you.