Planning for the rain cloud

We have all had that day. The one where it is a beautiful sunny day, and you decide to go to the park with friends or your family to enjoy it, kick the football around, or fly a kite. You think to yourself, “Oh what an amazing day, nothing can go wrong!”

Emergency Dentist in EdinburghBut then it does. It starts raining and your clothes are soaked, and you left the windows down in the car. We have all experienced that day with a rain cloud in the middle of a sunny day. But sometimes it is not a rain cloud, sometimes it is a severe tooth ache, a broken tooth, or even a tooth that gets knocked out. The next question is what to do and where to go?

What to do in a dental emergency?

Here at Polwarth Dental Clinic, we never want anyone to not know how to find an emergency dentist in Edinburgh in the moment of crisis. In a panic, we tend to become overwhelmed with a simple solution: call the emergency dentist in Edinburgh. At our clinic we set aside time every day to see any emergencies that are phoned in. If you call us, then we will see you the day of your emergency call. We will also try everything in our power to make sure you leave pain-free the day of your visit, and we will create a personalised treatment plan to resolve any other issues we cannot solve the day you visit us.

We have seen it all in our emergency dentist in Edinburgh, and we can provide you with the most efficient and comfortable. We have seen chipped, cracked, broken, and missing teeth from snowboarding to severe toothache due to needing an immediate root canal. There is nothing we have not seen.

Call the dentist immediately

But one thing is for sure, do not wait to call the emergency dentist in Edinburgh. Many people think that they will not be scheduled in for a visit the day of the call, and tend to put off calling. But the pain or problem can go from bad to worse in just a few hours, something no one wants to endure for days on end.