Feel confident in your smile with dental implants in Edinburgh

Would you like to replace your missing teeth but you’d rather not wear dental bridges or dentures? Dental implants are natural-looking, long-lasting replacements for missing teeth. By replacing missing tooth roots, dental implants allow people to eat their favourite foods without pain or struggle. At the same time, they help restore function to your bite. Dental implants can also stimulate and preserve the jawbone, preventing bone loss and helping to maintain facial structure.

dental-implants-edinburghAt Polwarth Dental Clinic, we believe that teeth restored with dental implants are teeth that let you take control of your life. No more avoiding crunchy or chewy food! If you are considering dental implants in Edinburgh, make sure that you are informed on every aspect of implant dentistry to help you make your decision. Dr Willie Jack, our implant dentist, can guide you through the process step-by-step.

Advantages of dental implants

If you, like millions of people, have lost one or more teeth, then you understand the unpleasant consequences that come with tooth loss. Dental implants are fixed into the jawbone and act like the root of your natural teeth. Unlike dentures or removable bridges, which can be wobbly or look unnatural, implants blend in with the rest of your teeth and offer the same chewing force as a natural tooth. Dental implants are also extremely stable. Unlike dentures you can’t remove them – they stay in your mouth at all times and you can brush and floss them like regular teeth.

Dental implants in Edinburgh are very versatile. They can be used in a variety of ways and combinations to replace your missing teeth. You can opt for single tooth implants, an implant-supported bridge or partial dentures, or an entire set of implant supported dentures. Finally, dental implants help keep the rest of your teeth healthy as they do not require the grinding down of adjacent teeth like bridges.

At Polwarth Dental Clinic, whether you need treatment for missing teeth or a full-mouth restoration, we can advise you on the most suitable option for you. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

See an emergency dentist in Edinburgh when you have a tooth abscess

At Polwarth Dental Clinic in Edinburgh, emergency dentists will see you on the same day as you call. So please do not hesitate to contact us if you suspect you have a tooth abscess.

emergency-dentist-in-edinburghWhat is an abscessed tooth?

An abscessed tooth is a painful infection, either at the root or between the gum and a tooth. Abscesses are most commonly caused by severe tooth decay, but there may be other causes, such a broken or chipped tooth,gingivitis or gum disease.

These problems can cause openings in the tooth enamel, which canlead bacterial infection at the centre of the tooth (called the pulp). The infection may also spread from the root to the bones supporting the tooth.

How do I know if I should visit the emergency dentist in Edinburgh?

Several symptoms indicate an abscessed tooth, and require a visit to the emergency dentist. These include: a severe, continuous toothache experienced as gnawing or throbbing pain, or sharp, or shooting pain; fever, pain when chewing, sensitivity of the teeth to hot or cold, a bitter taste in the mouth; foul smelling breath; swollen neck glands; general discomfort, uneasiness, or ill feeling; red and swollen gums; a swollen area on the upper or lower jaw; and an open, draining sore on the side of the gum.

It is important to see the Edinburgh emergency dentist even if the pain subsides. The reduction in pain could be because the infection has killed off the pulp in the tooth root. Cessation of pain doesn’t mean the infection has healed; the infection remains active and continues to spread and destroy tissue. Therefore, if you experience any of the above listed symptoms, it is important to see an emergency dentist.

What treatment will I receive from the emergency dentist in Edinburgh?

The emergency dentist may drain the abscess through the tooth by a procedure known as root canal therapy. They may also recommend root surgery to remove any diseased root tissue after the infection has subsided, and may fit a crown over the tooth.The tooth may also be extracted, allowing drainage through the socket, then your dentist may drain the abscess by incision into the swollen gum tissue.

Hang on to your natural teeth with dental implants in Edinburgh

At Polwarth Dental Clinic in Edinburgh, many of our patients want to preserve as many of their natural teeth as possible, and not lose them to being ground down to support artificial teeth on bridges.

dental-implants-in-edinburghIf you would rather keep your natural teeth intact, our dentists recommend dental implants in Edinburgh rather than normal dentures and bridges.

In Edinburgh, dental implants are frequently the best solution to one or more missing teeth. Dental implants do not need to be supported by the teeth adjacent to the gap, which have to be ground down for bridges to be fitted. With dental implants,healthy teeth are preserved. Implants can be used to replace a single tooth, or a few, or even both sets of teeth on upper and lower jaw.

In Edinburgh, dental implants also benefit jaw health. When teeth are lost, the jaw bone in those areas starts to lose density, and the gums recede. Dental implants prevent this.

These tiny titanium posts are screwed into the jawbone along carefully constructed channels created during minor oral surgery. During the following few months, the jawbone is given time to heal, so that new bone tissue growth can mesh with the titanium of the new dental implant, holding it securely in place, just as it would a natural tooth root.

This process, known as osseointegration, takes several weeks, during which time the patient can continue to wear their artificial teeth. Meanwhile, at a special laboratory, new teeth are being specially made to blend with the patient’s own natural teeth shape and colour. Once the gums and jaw are healed, the new teeth are screwed onto the implants.

Once in place, dental implants in Edinburgh are indistinguishable from the natural teeth they have replaced. The wearer can eat, drink, brush and floss as normal. Patients often find that they more or less forget that these implants are not the teeth they were born with.

At Polwarth Dental Clinic, our implantologist is Dr Willie Jack. A qualified dentist since 1983, Willie has a Masters degree in Implantology and has successfully completed many thousands of implant cases during his time in practice.

Reasons you may need an emergency dentist in Edinburgh

Wondering if you need to see an emergency dentist in Edinburgh? At Polwarth Dental Clinic, we can treat your urgent dental concerns quickly and reliably. Our emergency dentists are trained to address a wide variety of issues – from mouth trauma to sudden toothaches.

Here are a few of the most common dental emergencies and how you can handle them until you are able to receive help at our Edinburgh practice.

emergency-dentist-in-edinburghBroken teeth

Patients with a dislodged tooth need to see a dentist immediately. Time is of the essence, since the sooner you receive treatment, the more likely it is that the dentist can save your tooth. If a tooth is knocked out, rinse it carefully and store it in a container of milk or saline solution. You must hold the tooth by its crown and not by the root. Our emergency dentists will try to reinstate the tooth.

Damaged tooth restorations

Biting into hard and chewy foods can result in loose and broken dental crowns, fillings or implants. These restorations are designed to protect and stabilise your teeth, and without them, your overall oral health may be at risk. If you damage one of your tooth restorations, consult an emergency dentist immediately and make sure not to swallow the missing part.

Cracked and fractured teeth

A cracked or fractured tooth is susceptible to infection so it’s important to see the dentist immediately. Rinse your mouth with lukewarm water and apply a cold compress to your face to reduce swelling. If you take pain killers, make sure you do not apply them directly to your gum as they may burn the gum tissue.


Sudden and painful toothaches are another reason people end up needing an emergency dentist in Edinburgh. Our staff at Polwarth Dental Clinic will examine your teeth and determine what is causing the pain. It may be a cavity requiring root canal treatment or even gum disease. This can cause the gums to recede if left untreated.

Let us handle your emergency

Contact us as soon as you have a dental emergency in Edinburgh. Our skilled practitioners are on hand to help you.

Restore your smile with implant-supported bridges in Edinburgh

Whether you are missing one tooth or more, there are quite a few tooth replacement options available for restoring both the look and function of your teeth in Edinburgh. Dental implants are ideal for supporting bridges for patients who are missing several consecutive teeth.

At Polwarth Dental Clinic, our leading implant dentist, Dr Willie Jack has fitted over 3,000 dental implants in Edinburgh since 1992.Depending on how many teeth you are missing, he will be able to determine whether you are a good candidate for implant-supported bridges.

dental-implants-in-edinburghHow do they work?

An implant-supported bridge is similar to a regular dental bridge, but it is supported by dental implants fused with the surrounding bone,rather than natural teeth. Normally, when an implant-supported bridge is used, dental implants are fixed either directly on your missing teeth or on both sides of the gaps created by your missing teeth. In the end, the crowns are joined to each other to form a solid bridge. Implant-supported bridges decrease the pressure on the individual implants in the jawbone and diffuse it evenly across the bridge.

Benefits of implant-supported bridges

There are clear advantages of implant-supported bridges over traditional bridges. The former are fixed into you jawbone by dental implants, so you can speak, eat and smile knowing that your restorations will always look and feel like your natural teeth.

Implant-supported bridges are very sturdy and less likely to chip or break compared to traditional bridges. More importantly, because they are supported by dental implants, they stimulate the jawbone, helping to stop the bone loss that naturally occurs after tooth loss.

Am I an ideal candidate?

In order to be eligible for an implant-supported bridge, you should enjoy good oral and overall health and have lost up to four successive teeth. Additionally, you should have a sufficient amount of healthy bone in your jaw in order to support the embedded dental implants. If you cannot support dental implants because of insufficient bone density, we will suggest a bone grafting procedure prior to the treatment.

By trusting Polwarth Dental Clinic for your dental implants in Edinburgh, you can enjoy a beautiful smile with renewed strength and function.


If you need and emergency dentist in Edinburgh,  look no further. Polwarth is the dental surgery for you. We know that toothache, abscesses, broken teeth, and lost fillings or crowns can be painful and inconvenient. There are several dental injuries and issues that may require immediate and expert attention, no matter what time of the day or night.

emergency-dentist-in-edinburghPolwarth emergency dentist, Edinburgh offers services for patients who are experiencing dental emergencies. Whether it isa simple or severe dental issue, our practice will provide immediate attention to your concern. We offer emergency dental care for general and cosmetic dentistry problems. Rest assured, that with Polwarth emergency dentist in Edinburgh, you will receive the care that you need. We also aim to make all our patients pain free for a maximum fee of £70.

What counts as a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is an umbrella term that can be used to describe an issue involving the teeth and supporting tissues that urgently needs to be treated by the relevant dental professional. Dental emergencies do not always involve pain, although this is a common signal that something needs to be examined by a dentist.

Dental pain can originate from the tooth, surrounding tissues, or can have the sensation of originating in the teeth but be caused from another area. Depending on the type of pain you are experiencing, you can determine the likely cause and can treat the issue.

Your emergency dentist in Edinburgh can diagnose conditions from bacterial/fungal/viral infections to a fractured tooth or dental restoration. Each will require an individual response and treatment that is unique to the patient.

Dental restorations, such as fillings falling out, or fracturing can also be considered a dental emergency as these can impact on the function of your teeth, causing pain and discomfort in many cases. At Polwarth, your emergency dentist in Edinburgh, will aim to preserve your oral function and teeth for as long as possible.

So, if you are suffering from a dental emergency, ring Polwarth for urgent care from a reliable and professional emergency dentist in Edinburgh.

Quick, responsive emergency care

Having a tooth knocked out or damaged can be a big shock. Immediately after being in an accident or sustaining an injury, going to see the dentist may not be the first thing on your mind.

But it is vital that you see an emergency dentist in Edinburgh as soon as you can. The quicker you see a dentist, the more likely it is that your teeth can be re-implanted.

emergency-dentist-in-edinburghAt our emergency dentist in Edinburgh at  Polwarth Dental Clinic, we aim to see you on the day you call and send you away pain-free for a maximum of £70 wherever possible.

What will happen at the appointment?

There are several different steps we go through at an emergency detail appointment. These include:

  • X-rays to assess the extent of the damage
  • A thorough examination of the affected area
  • We may give you local anaesthetic if you are in a lot of pain
  • Restoring or replacing lost or damaged teeth. This may be a temporary repair and we will ask you to come back for another appointment to finish the work. Or we may be able to offer a long-term treatment on the day.
  • We may need to extract one or more teeth. In that case we will talk to you about options for implants and replacement teeth.

Prevent problems

Dental emergencies don’t only happen in the case of a sudden trauma. You may wake up with awful toothache; you could chip a tooth or break off an existing crown biting down on tough food.

You may ask yourself – is it worth going to see the emergency dentist in Edinburgh? It is always your choice of course, but resolving the issue quickly and cleanly means that:

  • there is more chance that your existing tooth structure can be maintained
  • it greatly reduces the risk of infection
  • improves your long-term oral health and helps to prevent problems further down the line.

So next time your teeth are causing you pain – through accident, injury or illness, call Polwarth Dental Clinic and find out how the emergency dentist in Edinburgh can help you back to healthy, happy teeth by the end of the day.

Reasons we need to go to the emergency dentist

The majority of us visit the dentist regularly. If this habit is maintained, chances are that we may never have to visit the emergency dentist. However, some people don’t have regular check-ups due to many reasons such as: dental anxiety, time constraints and money issues, and this may lead to infections that need emergency dental care. In addition, accidents can happen that cause a dental emergency; you may have fallen over and knocked a tooth or bitten something hard which has caused damage. Polwarth Dental Clinic has an emergency dentist in Edinburgh that you can see on the same day as you call the clinic to make an appointment. The clinic says they try to eliminate the pain you’re experiencing on your first visit and treatment should cost no more than £70.

emergency-dentist-in-edinburghDon’t suffer toothache. Make an appointment with an emergency dentist in Edinburgh

Polwarth Dental Clinic ensures that it has a flexible enough diary every day to be able to accommodate people who need to see an emergency dentist in Edinburgh. One type of dental emergency, is a situation where a person is feeling physical pain, which often manifests as toothache. Toothache can be a strong sign that the tooth is decaying and should be attended to as soon as possible to treat the pain and resolve any underlying tooth decay issues. Visible damage to the teeth is also classed as a dental emergency. Teeth could have been knocked out, chipped or cracked due to many reasons, such as: playing sports, eating hard foods or even falling over. If this is the case, an emergency dentist should be seen as soon as possible to see if they can fix or help to improve the situation.

Other reasons for visiting the dentist

As well as attending routine check-ups and (hopefully) infrequent emergency dental appointments, patients may want to visit their dentist, purely for cosmetic reasons. Polwarth Dental Clinic offers cosmetic treatments such as: porcelain veneers, teeth whitening and clear braces, to enable its patients to improve their smile and facial aesthetics. Polwarth Dental Clinic has treatments available to satisfy most dental situations, whether it’s an emergency or purely cosmetic. Please contact the clinic to find out more or to make an appointment.

Dental emergencies: a how-to guide

Are you in need of an emergency dentist in Edinburgh? Our emergency dentists at Polwarth Dental Clinic are here to help.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we can examine every emergency patient on the same day they call us, so you can be certain that we can ease your pain and restore your beautiful smile.

emergency-dentist-in-edinburghDental emergencies are more common than you may think and one of the leading reasons why children are admitted to hospital in the United Kingdom. Whether you have a broken tooth, a stubborn toothache or have lost a tooth completely, it is likely that you need immediate treatment. As for most dental emergencies, looking for fast treatment is important.

Common dental emergencies and how to handle them

Sometimes it is difficult to assess what constitutes a dental emergency, but if you are suffering from one of the following implications, then you should arrange an appointment with an emergency dentist as soon as possible. Our emergency dentist in Edinburgh will examine you even with very little notice.


While tooth decay is often the primary cause of a severe toothache, infection and gum disease are also potential causes of a toothache. If you suffer from a toothache for more than two days, it is recommended that you visit an emergency dentist as soon as possible to have it treated. An untreated toothache may lead to more severe dental complications such as dental abscesses.

Cracked or fragmented teeth

Chipped, cracked and fragmented teeth can be caused by eating something very hard or may be the result of the rupturing of old fillings due to wear and tear. Cracked teeth require immediate treatment to prevent further infection.

Broken teeth

If you have lost a tooth completely because of an accident, then it is a race against time to save it. Our emergency dentist in Edinburgh will restore your broken tooth to its previous function. You can help prolong the life of your tooth until you get to the dentist by re-inserting it in the correct socket in your gum line or by storing it in a solution made with milk or saliva.

Don’t panic, call the emergency dentist

We all do our best to avoid injury but sometimes accidents still happen. Chipped, cracked or even teeth that have been completely are all things we would rather not have to deal with. Sometimes there is no sudden trauma, but a nagging toothache that suddenly flares up leaving you in pain, swollen or bleeding. At Polwarth Dental Clinic, our emergency dentist in Edinburgh is on hand to help,whatever the dental emergency is.

emergency-dentistGet help fast

When you need an emergency dentist in Edinburgh, call us and we will see you that very same day. Using all of the modern dental techniques and technology we have at our disposal we aim to leave you pain-free on your first visit with a maximum cost of £70.

High quality care always available

At Polwarth Dental Clinic,you are guaranteed an emergency appointment, but, more than that, you can rest assured that your treatment will be carried out by our experienced and highly trained emergency dentist in Edinburgh. Your individual needs and personal concerns will be listened to, and the treatment that best caters to you will be provided.

A full range of treatments

At Polwarth Dental Clinic, we handle emergency dental treatment, and once the emergency is over,we continue to provide you with state-of-the-art, high quality care. With a full range of treatments available from our emergency dentist in Edinburgh, we offer more than just emergency care, but everything from dental implants and root canal treatment to invisible braces, porcelain veneers and crowns. Looking out for the whole family, we treat both adults and children to ensure dental health starts early and continues on throughout a lifetime.

Get in touch today

With emergency dental care, general and cosmetic dentistry to address all of your dental concerns, Polwarth Dental Clinic is waiting to welcome you to join our community of patients. Understanding the financial burden of dental treatment, we also provide interest-free credit in certain cases to help manage the costs. Contact us today for safe, high quality dental care in a friendly, caring environment.

If you are in need of an emergency dentist in Edinburgh now, call 0131 229 8143 for an immediate appointment.