Our emergency dentist in Edinburgh wants to help you save your smile

At Polwarth Dental Clinic we know how frightening it can be when a dental emergency occurs, but the fear of losing your smile is something we want to help you avoid at all costs. With same day appointments for both registered and non-registered patients, our emergency dentist in Edinburgh will do whatever they can to save your smile. We offer same day appointments as often as possible, but we recommend that you phone us as soon as you can when a problem arises so there is a higher chance of seeing you on the same day. In the situation where we are unable to resolve your issues on the same day during your appointment, we will do whatever we can to make you as comfortable as possible before leaving our practice. Registered patients or people who are visiting the area are able to book appointments Monday to Friday, but we also offer out of hours assistance for our registered patients, meaning they have access to dental advice twenty four hours a day, seven days of the week.


Never suffer in silence when it comes to tooth pain

Tooth pain can appear suddenly overnight or build up gradually over a period of time. Either way, if you feel like your tooth pain is too much to bear it is important to book an appointment with our emergency dentist in Edinburgh as soon as possible so one of our dental professionals can carry out an assessment of your mouth to try and establish the cause of your discomfort or pain. In some cases teeth can become problematic due to damage or decay, whilst in other circumstances wisdom teeth can cause people issues when they are not growing straight or you do not have enough room for them in your mouth. Accidents can occur when we least expect it and can result in a knocked out tooth or even several. These situations can be extremely daunting and stressful, but at Polwarth Dental Clinic our friendly dental team are on hand to answer any questions you have and help wherever they are able to.

What to do whilst waiting for your appointment

Whilst waiting to see our emergency dentist in Edinburgh you should make sure that you follow any advice that was given to you by one of our dental practitioners when you made your appointment. In some cases there may be nothing you can do to lessen your discomfort apart from taking pain killers, but in the situation where your tooth has fallen out you will be given important instructions to follow. You should ensure that you never touch the root of your tooth as this could damage it and prevent it from being able to be restored. When you pick your tooth up you should hold it by its crown, the white part. If you are unable to replace it easily into its socket after cleaning it in saliva or milk then you should store your tooth in milk until you arrive at our practice, Polwarth Dental Clinic. You must book an appointment as soon as possible as you have a higher chance of restoring your tooth within an hour after it has fallen out.