Our emergency dentist in Edinburgh is open during Covid

Our emergency dentist in Edinburgh is available at Polwarth Dental Clinic during the current Covid pandemic crisis, dealing with emergency cases. It’s difficult enough to secure an appointment for a dental emergency out of hours let alone during a pandemic. We are here for our regular patients and any new patients who find themselves in a dental crisis. Our friendly, well trained staff are on hand to assist you in any dental emergency.


If you find yourself in a dental crisis

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in need of a dentist urgently due to a fall resulting in a broken tooth or crown, retrieve the tooth or crown without touching the roots and wash well with either saline solution or milk. Once well cleaned insert the tooth back into the socket it came out of by holding it gently in place or biting down carefully. If you cannot get it to stay in the socket, place the tooth in your mouth between your gum and cheek. The idea is that you keep the tooth moist with the natural saliva in your mouth. Contact our emergency dentist in Edinburgh immediately to get an appointment as soon as possible, as time is critical. There is less chance of saving the tooth the longer it stays out of your tooth socket.

What other crises are considered dental emergencies?

It is important to know and understand what is considered to be a dental emergency. If you experience swelling of your gums, face or cheeks and you find that it is spreading you must mention these details when phoning our surgery. You may be finding that you are unable to sleep or are woken up by severe pain. Often mouth ulcers develop but disappear after a few days, if in your case you have had mouth ulcers for two weeks or more we need to know. Tell us if a recent extraction of a tooth has resulted in constant bleeding which you have been unable to stem. These are the more common problems that could be categorised into requiring emergency treatment. Even if your problem is not mentioned here, your state is the most important thing and if you feel that you have a dental emergency our emergency dentist in Edinburgh is trained to listen to all concerns and will assist you. Our primary concern is the well being of our patients and by discussing the problem once we have calmed you down we will make a decision with you, whether you should visit the surgery or if you follow our instructions it is better to call in during normal working hours. We will discuss with you what to do to maintain a safe and healthy mouth before the condition can be treated.

A full range of services

Our dental practice is equipped with the most up-to-date hardware and software to be able to provide you with the service best suited to treat your condition. In addition to providing emergency treatments we offer the full range of family treatment such as restorative procedures, preventive and children’s dental care. We discuss a comprehensive dental programme and constantly update our records after each and every visit.

Working hours

As well as offering emergency dental care we are also open five days a week and on Tuesday we offer a late night closing time option.