Need an emergency dentist in Edinburgh

If you have ever had a severe toothache you will know how uncomfortable it can make life, you will also know that it can strike at any time and often comes with little or no warning. In some cases, you may feel the need to contact a dentist as soon as possible.


Polwarth Dental Clinic is an emergency dentist in Edinburgh that understands the discomfort caused by toothache. We know many patients find that the pain of toothache impacts every aspect of their daily lives. Disrupting their sleeping patterns and limiting their ability to eat are just two of the common impacts on daily life that are widely reported from the sufferer.

Historically people suffering from tooth pain have found it difficult to access treatment straight away, due to a lack of dental practices being willing to offer emergency dental services, meaning anyone needing this type of service may struggle and be left in pain for some time.

Polwarth Dental Clinic wants to make it possible for everyone to access an emergency dentist in Edinburgh without the need for any delay, as this can help speed up the process of delivering treatment to the patient.

Whether you are a registered patient, non-registered patient, or a visitor, we believe you should be able to contact an emergency dentist in Edinburgh with ease, we are only a quick phone call away making it effortless and simple for you to access the treatment you require.

When you contact Polwarth Dental Clinic to make an emergency dental appointment, we will aim to offer you an appointment on the same day. We would ask you to keep in mind this may not always be possible, but we will try our best to get your treatment started as soon as we possibly can.

If we find that the treatment you need is more complex, meaning it may need you to have another appointment after the emergency consultation, we will endeavour to make sure you are pain-free before leaving the clinic.  We want to make you as comfortable as possible at the emergency appointment, minimising the impact of the toothache on your life where we can.

If you are a registered patient and you find you need to see an emergency dentist outside of our normal working hours, please call the clinic and listen to the answering machine.  Here you will find instructions that will help you get the service you need in an emergency. Our out of hours emergency dental service is available to all registered patients 365 days a year, you do not have to be in pain any longer than necessary.

If you are a visitor to the city of Edinburgh who finds they have a dental emergency, we want you to know you can contact us to gain access to the treatment you may need.

Polwarth Dental Clinic is here to help, whenever you need us. We care passionately about our work; the health of your teeth is of the utmost importance to us. If you find you are in need of our emergency dentist, do not delay, contact us straight away.

We also offer a full range of dental treatments for all the family including cosmetic dentistry, tooth whitening and implants.