Need an emergency dentist? Come to Polwarth Dental Clinic!

Dental emergencies can strike at the most unexpected moments, causing pain, discomfort, and anxiety. A dental emergency refers to any sudden oral health issue that requires immediate attention to alleviate pain, prevent further complications, and restore oral well-being. From severe toothaches to broken teeth, these situations demand prompt intervention to ensure your overall health and preserve the integrity of your smile.


Why you need to get emergency dental treatment as soon as possible

Dental emergencies can encompass a range of situations that require our emergency dentist in Edinburgh.

Severe toothaches

Intense and persistent toothaches often indicate underlying issues such as infection or dental decay. Timely treatment can prevent the spread of infection and alleviate excruciating pain.

Broken or fractured teeth

If you have a trauma to your mouth, it can cause cracked, broken, or chipped teeth. Rapid treatment can save the tooth from further damage and reduce the risk of infection.

Knocked-out teeth

If a tooth is knocked out, immediate attention increases the chances of successful re-implantation. Keeping the tooth moist and seeking dental care promptly is crucial.

Fillings or crowns

Lost restorations can expose sensitive tooth structures and increase vulnerability to decay or damage. Quick replacement prevents complications.

Abscesses or infections

Oral infections can lead to swelling, pain, and fever. Timely treatment is vital to prevent the infection from spreading to other parts of the body.

Loose or dislodged teeth

Teeth that have become loose due to trauma or other reasons require swift evaluation and stabilisation.

Uncontrolled bleeding

Oral bleeding that doesn’t stop can result from various issues, including trauma or invasive dental procedures. Immediate care is necessary to control bleeding and address the underlying cause.

Objects stuck between teeth

Foreign objects stuck between teeth can cause discomfort and potential damage. Professional removal ensures safety and minimises tissue trauma.

How Polwarth Dental Clinic can help

When faced with a dental emergency, you can count on Polwarth Dental Clinic to provide expert care and relief. Our commitment to your oral health and well-being drives us to offer same-day emergency care with our emergency dentist in Edinburgh, ensuring that you receive the attention you need without unnecessary delays. We understand the urgency of dental emergencies, and we never leave until we have attended to all our emergency patients. Our dedicated team at Polwarth Dental Clinic is driven by the principle of comprehensive care. We aim to treat every patient who seeks our assistance promptly and effectively. In rare cases where further treatment is required, we prioritise your comfort and pain relief. You can rest assured that when you leave our clinic, you won’t be in any pain or discomfort. Dr. Ross Saunderson, our experienced emergency dentist in Edinburgh, possesses the expertise to address a wide spectrum of emergency dental issues. With a deep understanding of oral health and years of practice, Dr. Saunderson is skilled at providing immediate relief and developing tailored treatment plans for each patient’s unique situation. Our commitment extends beyond regular business hours. Whether you are an existing patient or new to our clinic, you can contact us 365 days a year for emergency dental care. We are here to serve you and ensure that your dental emergency is managed with the highest level of professionalism and compassion.

So, dental emergencies can disrupt your life and cause considerable discomfort. Timely intervention is crucial to alleviate pain, prevent complications, and safeguard your oral health. Polwarth Dental Clinic in Edinburgh stands as your reliable partner during these distressing times, offering same-day emergency care, experienced professionals, and a commitment to your well-being. Remember, whether it’s day or night, you can reach out to us for immediate assistance – because your dental health matters, always.