Life can be unexpected

As much as we like to be in control of our lives, life can often be unexpected overwhelming and unplanned, from the good of booking a last-minute holiday to the bad of losing a job. But there are also medical issues that can arise, some in our control and some completely out of control, especially when it comes to teeth.

Emergency Dentist in EdinburghPeople like to sometimes live dangerously with their teeth. Whether they’re opening packages with their teeth, eating hard foods, or had a football kick straight to the teeth, accidents happen every day, resulting in a visit to an emergency dentist in Edinburgh. Here at Polwarth Dental Clinic, our emergency dentist is fully equipped to help you with any dental issues that arise out of the blue.

Know what to do in a dental emergency

Before you find yourself with a cracked tooth, a missing tooth, or a severe toothache suddenly, then you need to know your options for seeing the emergency dentist in Edinburgh. Our working hours, here at Polwarth Dental Clinic, are from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday with longer hours on Tuesday. We aim to see every dental emergency patient the day of their call. Our team has seen a variety of dental emergencies from knocking a tooth out skateboarding to severe and sudden tooth ache. We understand how painful and debilitating the unexpected dental issue can be.

If you do need an emergency dentist in Edinburgh, then our top priority will be to make sure you leave our dental clinic completely pain-free. While replacing missing teeth and fixing broken teeth may not be accomplished in one visit, we will walk through all dental treatment plans with you to ensure you feel informed and comfortable about the next steps we will have to take to regain your beautiful smile.

Do not wait

If you find yourself needing an emergency dentist in Edinburgh, don’t ignore the issue; it can go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye. Do not wait to see if it becomes less painful, call us immediately. In fact, you should save our number to your mobile today for any future emergencies that need immediate response.