How our emergency dentist in Edinburgh can be of service to you

It is easy to say that you would know that you’re having a dental emergency if you’re having one. However, ignoring less obvious ones is the most common reason why patients end up booking appointments at our emergency dentist in Edinburgh, especially patients who have anxiety about dental procedures.


At Polwarth Dental Clinic, we accept any of our regular patients who require an emergency dental procedure, attempting to see them the same day. However, even if you are not our patient but are in the immediate area, please feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to see you at our emergency dentist in Edinburgh.

If we can’t see you at our clinic, our staff will be happy to provide you with advice over the home and ensure you get the care you need in an urgent situation.

An accident waiting to happen

In the case of nervous patients, usually, a dental situation degrades very rapidly, from frustrating symptoms that can be pushed to the back of the mind to a situation that simply cannot be ignored either due to pain, secondary symptoms or the sudden onset of bleeding.

This usually occurs with nervous patients. A patient who has an aversion to dentistry would face a conflict: the idea of challenging some of their fears that can bring about very real symptoms like rapid heartbeat, sweating and lightheadedness versus whatever medical issue they may have. Since such patients know they have an issue with attending a clinic, they usually hope that the problem with their teeth or gums resolves itself, thus preventing them from having to get it treated by a dentist.

At Polwarth Dental Clinic, we understand this and always are empathetic to such patients who have entrusted us with their oral care. But, it is unfortunate that this train of reasoning often results in delayed treatment, and by the time nervous patients finally do attend an emergency appointment, they have a particularly advanced case of whatever the underlying problem might be. For instance, a cavity may have advanced so far that the entire tooth is now destabilized, and what could have been resolved with a simple filling can now only be treated with a crown. In the long run, delaying treatment can result in more time and money spent as well as the inconvenience of attending multiple appointments, which could be stressful if you have a phobia of dental practitioners.

We do use calming agents; a mild sedative can make it easier for anxious patients; however, they cannot be mixed with many other medications. So, please inform us about any prescription drugs you may be on before we administer any sedatives. We practice dentistry with minimal discomfort at our emergency dentist in Edinburgh, being liberal with the application of numbing agents. If you have a dental aversion and are in discomfort, please feel free to bring someone along with you to make you feel more relaxed and help you communicate any needs or concerns that you may have about the treatment.