How can our emergency dentist in Edinburgh help with toothache?

If you are suffering with severe toothache, then you will most likely be suffering with extreme pain and sensitivity with your teeth and gums. Our emergency dentist in Edinburgh will do everything they can to help you with this problem, both in the emergency appointment and beyond.


The causes

Before we explain what will happen during any emergency appointment with us, we will first discuss the possible causes of the toothache. We will try and determine if there are problems with your teeth that are causing the toothache during the emergency appointment, and create a treatment plan accordingly.

Tooth decay

When your teeth are decayed, this can cause damage to your enamel, and can also reach the inside of your teeth if left for long enough. Not keeping up with the standard oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing, or not doing it properly is the main cause of decay. Other factors such as smoking and eating foods that are high in sugar can also contribute.

Damaged tooth

If you have toothache, it may mean that you have a damaged tooth, such as a crack, and this can weaken it, as well as cause pain and sensitivity. If a crack is left alone, it can get even worse, and cause irreversible damage. We recommend that you come in for an appointment with our emergency dentist in Edinburgh as soon as possible after you notice a breakage.

An infection

Toothache can also be caused by an infection in the tooth, which can also spread to your other teeth. An infection usually starts when there is plaque build-up, and the bacteria from it can enter the inside of your tooth. We can help with infections by doing a root canal treatment, as this will rid the tooth of any bacteria, and we fill it in afterwards so that no bacteria can get inside again.

What happens in the emergency appointment?

When you come in for an appointment with our emergency dentist in Edinburgh, the first thing they will do is examine your teeth to try and find a cause of the toothache. They may also take scans such as X-rays to get a deeper look at your teeth and bones. Hopefully by doing this we can find the cause of the toothache, and act accordingly. We can also give you painkillers to help minimise the pain during the examination, and for afterwards too. It is important that we don’t just relieve your pain and send you on your way, as it may happen again. We will do our best to find the problem that is causing the toothache.

Once we have found the cause during the emergency appointment, we will do everything we can to help it short term, such as temporary fillings. This is to help you whilst we plan out how to deal with the underlying issue, whatever it may be. We will make sure to have future appointments with you to permanently fix the problem that is causing your toothache, and as quickly as possible.