How can I prevent severe teeth problems in Edinburgh?

Here at Polwarth Dental Clinic, our patients sometimes have to have appointments with our emergency dentist in Edinburgh, this can be due to many different oral health problems. Some of these are preventable, meaning you will have less of a chance of going through these emergencies at a later date if you prepare and take care of your smile.

Emergency Dentist in Edinburgh

Cracked or broken teeth

It is important to see our emergency dentist in Edinburgh as soon as possible if you have a cracked or broken tooth, because this could become infected and affect the teeth surrounding it. We will make sure that we try and preserve your natural tooth as much as possible, and can potentially reattach the broken part if you have it. Sometimes, a broken tooth might have to be extracted instead, but we have many options for you to help with this afterwards, such as a dental implant. Accidents can happen at any time, but there are some things you can do to try and prevent a cracked or broken tooth.

Don’t use your teeth to cut or open things, as this has the potential to crack or break a tooth. By doing this often, this can also weaken the tooth which can bring on cracks or breaks in the future. Avoid chewing hard objects such as pen lids, or hard sweets, as this can also weaken or break the teeth. This can also encourage the spread of bacteria if you chew things such as pen lids and other objects. Try to not grind your teeth as this can eventually cause cracked and broken teeth. If you think you may grind your teeth too much, then come and visit us for an appointment so we can help treat this.

Severe tooth decay

Tooth decay can be a common problem that might cause you to need a visit with our emergency dentist in Edinburgh. Many issues can come with severe tooth decay, and if you don’t treat it early, it can eventually reach the centre of the tooth and start a bacterial infection. There are a few ways that you can prevent tooth decay from happening so quickly.

Making sure you follow the standard oral hygiene routine twice a day is one of the most important ways to prevent tooth decay. Brushing your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes with a fluoride toothpaste is the best way to do this.

Flossing often is also a key part to improving your oral hygiene, as this targets all the small bits of food that can get stuck in between your teeth. You can also use interdental brushes to achieve this.

Coming for regular dental check-ups is an important element in preventing tooth decay, as this allows our dentists to identify any problems with your teeth that you may not have noticed.

Reducing your sugar consumption can also improve your oral hygiene, due to sugar being damaging to the teeth and encouraging bacteria to grow. The same goes for reducing your tobacco intake if you smoke, and drinking less alcohol.

Dental abscesses

Dental abscesses are caused by a bacterial infection in the tooth, and this causes pus to form in the tooth. This can cause severe pain and is another reason why you would need an emergency dentist appointment. There are a few things you can do to try and prevent dental abscesses.

Similar to tooth decay, it is important to cut down on your sugar intake to ensure your teeth don’t get too damaged.

Following the proper oral hygiene routine is also key to preventing these abscesses from happening, as you need to make sure your mouth is cleaned of any bacteria that may be on the teeth.

Here at Polwarth Dental Clinic, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety and comfort of our patients when they are in need. Having a dental emergency can be intimidating, and we will be here for you throughout the whole process, making sure you are receiving the best care possible.