Help! I need an emergency dentist in Edinburgh!

At Polwarth Dental Clinic in Edinburgh, we take your dental emergencies as seriously as you do, which is why we guarantee to see you on the same day that you call for an emergency appointment. Call us on 0131 229 8143 when you need an emergency dentist in Edinburgh, and we will make you an appointment for as soon as possible.

Not only that, but we also guarantee to charge you no more than £70 for your emergency appointment, and to make sure that when it is over, you leave us free from pain.

emergency-dentist-in-edinburghWhat injuries mean I need to see an emergency dentist in Edinburgh?

You definitely need to see an emergency dentist if you have had an accident, perhaps working around the house or playing sports, or maybe even in your daily work, that has caused a chipped or broken tooth, or, has loosened or entirely knocked out one or more teeth.

Our emergency dentist in Edinburgh will also see you on the same day if you are suffering from toothache or trauma, or if you have developed an abscess, or facial swelling.

I have lost a tooth. What do I do?

First of all, it is very important to bring your tooth along with you when you come to the emergency dentist in Edinburgh. This is because there is a very good chance that we can replace that lost tooth. The sooner you come to see the emergency dentist, the higher the chance of us being able to put that lost tooth back into your mouth. Wrap it up carefully, making sure you do not touch the roots, and bring it along to your appointment.

What happens when I get you?

Firstly, our emergency dentist will thoroughly examine the injured or infected area. We may need to do x-rays to determine the extent of the damage or infection to your teeth and jaw. Of course, if you are in pain, we will also use a local anaesthetic to numb the area. We will also sterilise it, so that the risk of infection is reduced. Then, depending on the case, the emergency dentist will restore the damaged or lost teeth.