Get advice from your emergency dentist in Edinburgh

If you have been subjected to an injury and have lost a tooth, you’re not alone. Millions of teeth each year are avulsed either through sporting injuries, accidents or falls, but by knowing and understanding what.a few simple steps are in preservation of the tooth immediately after it has been avulsed, you can give your tooth the best possible chance of reinsertion, so you do not need to consider alternative means of replacing your tooth.


Firstly, if the tooth knocked out was a baby tooth, there is no need to replace it, even if it was not loose or ready to come out. Although this is not ideal, reinserting the tooth does more damage to the adult tooth than not.

For avulsed adult teeth however, it is true that if a patient can get to see our emergency dentist in Edinburgh within the hour, there is a greater likelihood that the tooth can be successfully reinserted.

This does depend on the damage done to the tooth and to the mouth. However, by making the effort to be seen by our emergency dentist in Edinburgh as quickly as possible, then you are doing what you can to save your tooth This can also result in reduced costs from not needing alternative replacement teeth and maintaining the overall health of your mouth, all at the same time.

There are some steps that can be taken to improve the chances of reinsertion, besides prompt medical treatment. These steps include not handling the tooth too much and only holding it by the crown, washing the tooth in milk or saliva and if possible, placing the tooth in the socket, covering it with a cloth and biting down on it to hold it in place.

What happens when you come in to see our dentist

Upon arrival at the emergency dentist in Edinburgh, you will be quickly assessed. We will clean and sterilise the area to reduce the chances of infection, which can be immensely problematic should it take hold.

If you are in pain, we will give you some pain relief and it is also important that we take an X-ray of the area so that we can determine the extent of the damage done.

It may be that further damage has occurred and further treatment is necessary. During this emergency appointment, we seek to provide immediate relief and determine the next appropriate stages of your treatment, so that together we can restore your mouth back to full functionality over time.

If we are able to reinsert your tooth correctly, we will do so. If not, because the tooth itself is too damaged or the cells inside the tooth have burst or perished, then we can alleviate pain and begin to work through alternatives to replace your tooth at a later date.

It is critical that you do replace a missing tooth because it is detrimental to your overall oral health to leave gaps in your mouth. Teeth are designed to work together so when one is missing, the remaining teeth can shift and move around, be exposed to damage themselves and in general, suffer.