Finding an emergency dentist in Edinburgh

If you wake up in the middle of the night with a severe toothache you may find that getting back to sleep becomes very difficult, due to the discomfort you feel. A large number of people also become concerned about how long they will have to live with the toothache, believing that it could take some time to see a dentist and have the cause of the problem dealt with.


Polwarth Dental Clinic is now operating an emergency dentist in Edinburgh. This service was set up with our clients in mind and is targeted to meet their needs, in every way possible.

We believe that our emergency dentist in Edinburgh should be available to be accessible to all. For this reason, we are happy to be contacted by registered and non-registered clients, intending to see you on the day of contact.

If you need to contact an emergency dentist in Edinburgh outside of our normal working hours, we may be able to facilitate this. Simply call the practice and listen to a short message from our answering machine for instructions about out of our services.

What constitutes a dental emergency?

If you have any swelling in your gums, cheek or face, you may need to seek advice from a dentist. In cases where the swelling has spread down your neck, up to your eye or along the floor of your mouth we would advise you to contact an emergency dentist to discuss your symptoms and receive treatment.

If a tooth is knocked out you may want to contact a dentist. Remember to save the tooth where possible, placing it in a sealed container with saline solution or milk. Avoid touching the root, handling the crown itself.

If you break your jaw you should contact a dentist. Breaking your jaw doesn’t always cause damage to your teeth, it is better to have the teeth checked just as a precaution. Problems breathing and eating could develop in these cases, taking advice from your dentist can avoid these problems developing in the long term.

If you chip or break a tooth you need to seek the advice of a dentist as soon as possible.  Save the broken or chipped tooth, as it may be possible to salvage it.

Losing a filling or crown is one of the main reasons for people accessing a dentist in an emergency. Due to the normal wear and tear of using our teeth, fillings and crowns are known to fall out. This could mean a second cavity has formed in the tooth, you may also experience an increase in sensitivity in the tooth.

If you start to experience a toothache, please do not ignore it. Often toothache is a sign of other issues such as infected gums, an abscess or exposed roots, amongst others. Seeking the advice of your dentist, and receiving treatment, will start to alleviate the cause of the toothache at an early stage.

Polwarth Dental Clinic is here to help with great advice and targeted treatment, we are only a phone call away. If you think you have a dental emergency please contact us, there is no need to live with pain and discomfort.