Emergency dentistry and how to avoid it

Our emergency dentist in Edinburgh is one of the things we are pleased to be able to offer both existing and new patients. When you have a dental emergency, it’s good to know you can get access to reliable and supportive services at a practice like Polwarth Dental Clinic. However, we also like to help you avoid those dental emergencies whenever possible.

General dental care

For both emergencies and long-term dental care, the best practice advice is to brush at least twice a day and visit us at the Polwarth Dental Clinic every 6 months. A diligent care routine should go some way towards preventing major dental issues, but some build-up of tartar or other dental issues still does occur without professional dental support.

Emergency Dentist in EdinburghIf you leave a dental issue untreated for any length of time, it can easily turn into an issue for our emergency dentist in Edinburgh without much warning. Some issues can go undetected until the point where they cause major dental pain or tooth damage. A regular check-up means that a professional examines your tooth and gives you access to scans that will show up deeper issues, so they can be tackled before there is a dental emergency.

Protect your teeth

Strong impact or force can break a tooth, and this is one of the most common reasons for someone to need a visit to our emergency dentist in Edinburgh. Obviously, some accidents are unavoidable, but you can still take steps to minimise the risk of causing damage to your teeth. You can wear a mouthguard when playing any contact sports, for example. It’s also advisable to avoid trying to open or manipulate anything using your teeth. You may be unaware of just how much force you are exerting until the moment your tooth breaks.

If something does happen, we can do something to help at our emergency dentist in Edinburgh. If you lose a tooth, keep hold of it and keep it in place if possible. We have more chance of being able to save the tooth if it is still attached, even a little, to the gums and/or nerves at the base.

Our team at Polwarth Dental Clinic are here to help anyone experiencing a dental emergency or if you have questions about your oral health in general.