Emergency dental services at our emergency dentist in Edinburgh

Emergency care is important; usually, first responders or early treatment are the most impactful on the overall prognosis of a patient. This is as true in dentistry as it is in any other field of medicine. Our emergency dentist in Edinburgh has the expertise and capacity to manage a wide variety of complex situations.


When it comes to emergency dental care, time is of the essence, and one of the treatments that really underlined the importance of time is the reimplantation of an avulsed tooth.

Avulsed teeth

The simplest level of an avulsed tooth is one that has been knocked out of the mouth, but this is far less common than you might imagine.

In the vast majority of the instances where teeth are dislodged, it is not in one piece; they are usually fragmented and broken. This may be along the gumline, leaving the root in place, it could be a bilateral split or it may even be a large chip that has come loose from the original tooth. In some situations, a temporary repair can be performed with dental cement, but more often than not, a more permanent solution will have to be taken. Some form of crown or inlay will be the likely long-term treatment.

The sooner the dislodged tooth can be placed back in its socket, the better. If you cannot return this tooth to its socket, you should store it in either water or milk to prevent it from drying out and contact us to request an emergency appointment explaining the situation. You should not sterilise or attempt to clean the tooth anymore since even a brief rinsing will disturb any of the living tissue inside it and significantly reduce its capacity to be reimplanted.

If you are bleeding, use a clean handkerchief above the empty socket and bite down on it to stem the flow. Any clot that forms will be removed by our dentist at the beginning of the reimplantation process. Do not apply any antiseptics or essential oils to the empty socket as these will significantly inhibit growth factors.

Why should I try to have my tooth reimplanted?

There are alternatives to cope with missing teeth, such as bridges and even full dental implants; however, all these solutions are either time-consuming or costly. Even if the chance of success is improbable, reimplanting a knocked-out tooth should be your first priority, and we will always attempt to save teeth, seeing it very much as an emergency.

If performed quickly enough, reimplantation makes it possible to regain full function of the tooth, being as strong and healthy as any other.

What about baby teeth?

Generally, our emergency dentist in Edinburgh does not recommend reimplanting baby teeth; there is a risk of infection and disrupting the permanent teeth below. This outweighs any advantage you might get by reimplanting a temporary tooth.

If you are in any doubt, contact our dental team at Polwarth Dental Clinic, and our receptionists will direct you to the appropriate care and book you in for a same-day appointment if necessary. If you do have a knocked-out tooth, this is an emergency, and we will be happy to see you at our emergency dentist in Edinburgh.