Don’t delay, call the emergency dentist in Edinburgh

You’re out with your family mountain biking. The kids are in heaven because they are out on their Christmas bikes again, having fun and laughing at you and their dad falling off. However, just around a steep corner, your young son gets thrown off the bike and you collide with him. After dusting yourselves off, it’s apparent, in amongst the blood, that you’ve both lost a front tooth. You have matching injuries, but you need to be treated slightly differently. The first thing to do is call us as your emergency dentist in Edinburgh.

Emergency Dentist in EdinburghHow to deal with your young son

As you have lost a tooth and are probably in shock, your husband now needs to calm your son down. Get him to sit down, then find his tooth. Believe it or not, a fully knocked out tooth can be reinserted and saved, if you act quickly. Once your son is calmer, ask him to lick and suck his gum where the tooth came from. If the site of the lost tooth continues to bleed, then place a clean handkerchief in the mouth.

For you, as an adult who has lost a tooth

With adults, you need to follow different steps because either you or we may be able to put the tooth back into the socket.

Pick up the tooth by the crown only and suck all the dirt off it, without touching the root with your fingers.

Or, if you have access to milk, then pop the tooth into the milk. Never clean it with water, the chemicals in which can damage the tooth and the fibres still attached to it.

Firstly, make sure your tooth it is completely clean, then insert into the clean hole. You can then use a handkerchief to gently bite down on to push the tooth into the gap. However, you need to be very careful and ensure both the tooth and the gum are free from any debris.

Once your both cleaned up and ready to go, it’s time to head to our emergency dentist in Edinburgh at the Polwarth Dental Clinic. We will see you as quickly as possible, ensuring your both taken care of and out of pain. If either of you require more extensive treatment, we will then book you in and then send you home, cared for and out of pain with a treatment plan in place.