Do you require an emergency dentist in Edinburgh?

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, a few common examples of which may consist of a cracked bridge or crown, an avulsed  tooth, or possibly an uncomfortable or painful toothache, then it may be a wise decision to pay a visit to our emergency dentist in Edinburgh. Our emergency dental services have been operating within Edinburgh since our practice establishment in 1955! Since being established we have continued to provide a continuous, superb standard of emergency dentistry for all of our patients within a clean, friendly, modern, and professional dental environment.


Tending to your dental emergency on the same day

At our emergency dentist in Edinburgh we understand that many dental emergencies require immediate attention, this is why we provide our patients with same day appointments. If you are experiencing dental discomfort, pain, or a functional oral concern then why not give our direct telephone number a call?

An emergency dental service you can rely on

If you are suffering from a dental emergency our hand picked and passionate team of dental specialists are here to help you restore the health of your smile. The Polwarth Dental Clinic team of dental healthcare professionals always strives to deal with your emergency within the same day.

Placing our patients on the priority list

At Polwarth Dental Clinic we may have to book our patients in for further sessions to deal with their dental emergencies, despite this however we will always deal with the oral pain our patients are experiencing before they leave our clinic.

Are you experiencing a dental emergency out of hours?

At our surgery we understand that many of our patients may be experiencing dental concerns out of our working hours, if this is the case we offer an on-call dentist to tend to any of your oral concerns. If you are experiencing a dental emergency out of our surgery hours then you are welcome to call our direct landline and we will ensure our dentist tends to your concerns, this is available 365 days a year to all of our registered patients.

Are you a non-registered patient?

If you are experiencing a dental emergency out of our clinic hours but you are not a registered patient with our Polwarth dental clinic we suggest you call the National Health Service helpline via 111.

Are you suffering from this common dental emergency?

A knocked out tooth is an extremely common dental emergency within the field of dental care and can be caused by many incidents such as falling off a bike or tripping over. Due to this occurring often our specialist team has created an easy guide to caring for your knocked out tooth.

What happens next?

Our team suggests you hold the tooth by the crown and not the root, it is also vital the tooth is clean, this can be achieved by applying saliva to it, or through the means of a liquid such as milk. Lastly we suggest you push the adult tooth back into position, placing a clean piece of tissue over the tooth and gently biting to apply pressure, you should then call for dental assistance immediately.