Book a same day appointment with our emergency dentist in Edinburgh

When tooth pain strikes it can seem tempting to put off making an appointment to see your dentist and just take some painkillers instead. This will not resolve your problems, and if left untreated your problem will only worsen over time. There is always generally a reason for tooth pain, and at Polwarth Dental Clinic we endeavour to find out what that reason is on the same day that you contact our practice. In some situations we may not be able to completely rectify your issue on the same day, but we will do whatever we can to make you as comfortable as possible before you leave our practice. Making an appointment with our emergency dentist in Edinburgh is simple and can be done either over the phone or online via our website, but in cases where time is of the essence we recommend that you phone us to ensure that we can book you in for an appointment as soon as possible.


Out of hours appointments for those inconvenient emergencies

At Polwarth Dental Clinic we are aware that you cannot plan when you might need to see our emergency dentist in Edinburgh. Tooth pain can come on incredibly quickly and be almost unbearable to deal with sometimes, so we understand that waiting until the next day is not always an option. In some cases seeking advice as soon as possible is vital if you wish to avoid more complicated problems in the future, or if you have knocked out or chipped a tooth in an accident. For registered patients we provide an out-of-hours service every day of the year, and whilst this has an initial cost you will be able to claim most of this back if you are a member of one of our plans. Unfortunately we cannot provide out-of-hours services for unregistered patients, but we do welcome you to contact us Monday to Friday if you are having a dental emergency and are not registered with us.

Stay calm and know what to do until your appointment

When you contact our emergency dentist in Edinburgh they will arrange an appointment for you as soon as possible, but they will also give you reliable advice on what to do until it is time for our practitioner to see you. This may be how to reduce pain and/or swelling, what to avoid in case certain things result in worsening your situation, and what to do if your tooth has fallen out or become chipped. When a tooth has fallen out it is vital that you take care of it properly if you wish to restore it successfully. Most people think that wrapping their tooth or piece of tooth in a tissue or placing it in water will keep it safe and clean until they arrive at the clinic, but this is not correct, in fact it might damage your tooth and prevent it from being able to be restored. Instead, store it in a glass of milk or your own saliva, making sure that you do not touch the root of it as this will also damage it.